How Bad Was NBC's Wonder Woman Pilot? That Bad

Seth Abramovitch · 07/21/11 08:23PM

The few who had seen the failed pilot for NBC's Wonder Woman — a proposed series about the DC Comics superheroine from Ally McBeal-creator David E. Kelley — said the network had laid a pterodactyl-sized egg. Campily, laughably terrible. Which didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. All five networks had already passed once on the script, after all, and it took a regime change at NBC to finally get someone to crunch the numbers (numbers = breasts) and greenlight the thing. But then, all kinds of magic can come with casting, with direction, with post-production wizardry. "You never really know until it's off the page and on the screen!" - Some wise Hollywood person.

Katherine Heigl Will Literally Never Die

Richard Lawson · 05/13/10 10:31AM

She is immortal, it's already been written. Also today: the American Family movie adds some cast members, the networks pick up a bunch of shows for next season, some sad Don Johnson news, and horrible women.

Thank God Almighty, Katherine Heigl Is Free at Last

Richard Lawson · 03/12/10 10:37AM

On this rainy Friday we bring you news of beautiful, sunshiny Hollywood. A film gets a re-release, Grey's Anatomy's brightest star may be supernova'ing, and another young star gets a notch in her belt. Yay showbiz!