Hyperlocal News Site EveryBlock Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Robert Kessler · 02/07/13 01:39PM

Hyperlocal news site EveryBlock announced today it was shutting down for good. The closure marks an unexpected end to the site, which was once hailed for its innovation and ideas; the phrase "future of journalism" was once tossed around in reference to the site.

Hack to Hacker: Rise of the Journalist-Programmer

Ryan Tate · 01/14/10 09:21PM

As if the journalism job landscape weren't terrifying enough, now you've got to think about learning to code. It's yet another new media skill you'll need to stay ahead of competitors. And make no mistake: they're stockpiling O'Reilly books.

The Trouble with Taking Charity

Ryan Tate · 08/17/09 02:22PM

Adrian Holovaty has sold his hyperlocal news startup to, allowing the programmer to cash out and keep his staff employed. For most entrepreneurs that would be unalloyed good news. But Holovaty isn't just any entrepreneur. Just ask his critics.