cityfile · 09/10/08 01:03PM

Naomi Watts doing some pre-baby shopping with a friend in Union Square ... Sarah Jessica Parker taking a walk downtown ... Petra Nemcova walking into the Diesel show ... Rosario Dawson crossing the street outside Balthazar ... Julia Stiles shopping in the West Village ... Bette Midler hugging her daughter outside the Bryant Park tents ... Betsey Johnson walking through the rain in Midtown ... Jessica Alba carrying her baby ... Mary-Kate Olsen sitting front row at the Proenza Schouler show ... Adrian Grenier having lunch outside with friends ... Jessica Simpson getting out of a taxi with pal Ken Paves ... Kanye West and Jay-Z making their way into the Marc Jacobs show ... Natalie Portman showing up to the front row at the Derek Lam show ... Martha Stewart leaving Bryant Park after attending Marc Jacobs' show ... and Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham leaving the Waverly Inn.


cityfile · 09/04/08 02:17PM

Cameron Diaz leaving a nail appointment ... Jennifer Aniston with Alec Baldwin on the set of 30 Rock ... Liv Tyler dressed up for a party sponsored by Samsung ... Miley Cyrus walking around Midtown ... Adrian Grenier with his grandmother at the Entourage season premiere party ... Kim Cattrall sitting with with Star Jones at the US Open ... Naomi Watts with her baby on Lafayette Street ... Ed Koch standing in Midtown ... and Kelly Ripa leaving the ABC studios with a cup of coffee in hand...


cityfile · 08/28/08 12:01PM

Samantha and Mark Ronson (left) headed to lunch at Bar Pitti ... Michael Phelps turning up for an appearance on CBS' The Early Show ... Kim Kardashian getting out of an SUV near Times Square ... Lindsay Lohan shooting scenes on the set of Ugly Betty ... Kate Hudson and son Ryder going for a walk through the Village ... Gerard Butler leaving a lunch in SoHo ... Katie Holmes leaving rehearsals ... Nina Garcia promoting her new book at an event at Saks ... and Adrian Grenier walking through Midtown.


cityfile · 08/26/08 01:20PM

Janice Dickinson getting out of an SUV (left) in front of the Today Show studios ... Tom Cruise boarding a helicopter with Suri on his hip ... Adrian Grenier and the rest of the Entourage cast filming scenes in Queens ... Ethan Hawke taking his newborn baby and dog out for a walk ... Blake Lively walking through Brooklyn with her dog Penny ... Carmen Electra going into the MTV studios in Times Square ... Whitney Port kissing an (unknown) dude on a downtown sidewalk ... Solange Knowles posing for the cameras outside the David Letterman show ... an attention-seeking Kim Kardashian walking through Midtown with a bandaged toe ... Daniel Radcliffe listening to his iPod on a walk through Midtown ... and Vanessa Minnillo on her way to dinner.

Yeah, If It Wasn't For The Acting Thing, I'd Be A Modern Day Woody Guthrie

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/18/08 11:00AM

Looking to recover from his recent split with actress Isabel Lucas, Adrian Grenier headed to the beaches of Malibu with his trusty acoustic guitar. A gaggle of women quickly circled around the hunky environmentalist as he began to bear his soul with some recently penned tunes. One woman was really impressed by the songs and suggested that he pursue his music for awhile. Grenier told the woman that he had weighed his options numerous times and is "thisclose" to hanging it all up and just riding the rails with a song in his heart. The woman replied, "That's so deep."

Jay-Z Gets Richer

cityfile · 08/13/08 05:34AM
  • Jay-Z is in talks to sell a stake in his 40/40 club to the owners of Las Vegas' Venetian and Palazzo hotels for $44 million. The deal would also allow the club to expand to Europe, a continent clamoring for overpriced Cristal. [Page Six]

Zoila Well-Versed In The TV Breeding Habits Of Bisexual MySpace Whores

Seth Abramovitch · 08/12/08 08:05PM

· Today on Feeling Zoila, Jeff Lewis's frittata-serving lifemate reveals what she's learned from her OCD-afflicted boss. We think we can now safely say we know where she got that bad habit of standing on the front lawn in denim short-shorts and shaking her dumps for passing motorists. [Flipping Out] · "I know I've complained about your split-ends before, but hair, thank you for being the only thing on this planet preventing me from totally losing it right now!!!" [Mollygood] · Shia's pinkie is still attached and doing well, said co-star Isabel Lucas, which was more than she could say for Adrian Grenier. [Just Jared, People] · Beefcake week continues here at Defamer with some 19-year-old, shirtless Seacrest. [TMZ] · For the love of God, do not click here. (You have been warned. Don't go complaining that you shouldn't have done it.) [Celebslam] · Inky, Pinky, Sprinkly, and Yum. []

Adrian Grenier Turns The Cameras On Kid Pap

Seth Abramovitch · 08/11/08 05:50PM

Celebrities' complex relationships to the paparazzi who pursue them—can't live with 'em, evaporate into a puff of smoke without 'em—is the topic of Teenage Paparazzi, a documentary film from Adrian Grenier. The idea came to him as he was snapped by a "14-year-old paparazzo," reports THR—none other than intrepid adolescent shutterbug and celebrity in his own right, Austin Visschedyk: Kid Pap. (He's accompanied by his junior cronie and Porsche-driving chaperone dad in the accompanying CBS News profile.) The movie also explains Grenier's camera-friendly affiliation with puppymill proprietor/presidential hopeful, Paris Hilton:

Mocking Martha, More Edwards Fallout

cityfile · 08/11/08 01:31PM
  • How does Martha Stewart plan to exploit her library of archival content? She's tapped her daughter, Alexis, and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt to host Whatever, Martha!, which will involve mocking (gently, we imagine) Martha's retro recommendations. [NYT]

Ten Hairy Hippies That Do Inexplicably Well With The Ladies

Kyle Buchanan · 08/06/08 02:30PM

They're one of Hollywood's most glorious odd couples: pixie dream girl Natalie Portman and Manson-resembling folk singer Devendra Banhart. Still, despite the fact that Portman was game enough to appear as an octopus in one of Banhart's videos, she still can't seem to shake those naysayers clucking, "Is she really going out with him?" She is — and she's hardly the first fresh-scrubbed starlet to fall for a charming, soap-eschewing bohemian. With the help of Molly McAleer, we've put together a Top Ten list of the world's most loved-up hippie womanizers. Is it their devil-may-care facial hair, their free love attitudes, or their penchant for sharing necklaces that draws in Hollywood's most beautiful ingenues? Burn some incense and meditate on the subject — we'll be out back crafting a swingset made of hemp and spit.

Hollywood Privacywatch: Adrian Grenier Not Afraid Of A Little PDA

Mark Graham · 07/22/08 04:40PM

PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our millions of Defamer operatives. We'd like to remind you that this feature is powered by you, so if you want to see more installments of PrivacyWatch, then all you've got to do is to send us your sightings. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line so we don't lose them) and tell everyone about the time you saw Adrian Grenier getting ready to Diving Bell the Butterfly out of "some model looking chick."


cityfile · 07/11/08 11:02AM

Model Agyness Deyn heading out for the night and then wearing the same outfit the next morning as she leaves Albert Hammond Jr.'s apartment near Union Square ... Selma Blair and Josh Hartnett leaving the set of Regis and Kelly ... Sarah Jessica Parker going to a Korean deli in search of aspirin ... Gabrielle Union pulling up at her hotel on Central Park South ... Uma Thurman leaving her apartment with son Levon ... America Ferrera filming Ugly Betty near the Brooklyn Bridge .. Madonna's two sons, Rocco and David, playing with the nanny inside Toys 'R Us ... Madge ducking behind the seat in a SUV, trying to avoid the paparazzi.


cityfile · 07/08/08 02:20PM

Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer leaving Marni on Mercer Street ... Molly Shannon on a morning jog through the West Village ... Alex Rodriguez slipping out the side entrance at Trump Park Avenue ... Adrian Grenier and new girlfriend Isabel Lucas waiting for baggage at LAX ... Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony shopping at Pucci in Italy ... Seal, sans Heidi Klum, leaving the Four Seasons in Prague ... Meryl Streep, completely covered up in a jacket, scarf, and hat, walking near the water in Sydney ... Gwyneth Paltrow getting out of an SUV in front of Gemma where she met up with Madonna for lunch ... Blake Lively and Penn Badgley stopping to take photos with fans during a stroll through SoHo ... Nas talking on a cell phone as he left Da Silvano.

Madonna and Guy Keep a Continent Apart

cityfile · 06/30/08 05:05AM
  • Good to know that even though Madonna and Guy Ritchie's relationship is on the rocks, their spiritual lives remain intact. Madonna spent the weekend in New York and attended the Kabbalah center in Midtown on Friday and Saturday; Guy paid a visit to the center in London. [People]

Rafaello Loses His Girl, Ends Up In Jail

cityfile · 06/25/08 06:07AM
  • Anne Hathaway's ex, Raffaello Follieri, was arrested yesterday, as you may have heard. Things haven't improved much behind bars. He's already been hospitalized (he collapsed) and tested positive for drugs (opiates). His lawyer is still in the process of rounding up the $16 million he needs to make bail. We can just imagine the awkward convo he's having with Anne today. [NYP]

Adrian Grenier Prefers A Retro Bush

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/15/08 12:15PM

Woman In Hat: So, are you going to read that book the whole time?
Adrian Grenier: Yeah-uh.
W.I.H.: Then why did you invite me out to lunch if you just wanted to read your book?
AG: So, I won't look like this generation's Howard Hughes for once.
W.I.H.: I think we already know that.
AG: I know that we know that, but they don't know that.
W.I.H.: What? That you piss into jars and take dumps in a big hole in your backyard?
AG: Got to be green by any means necessary.