OMG Baby Gibbon

Anna North · 06/16/11 04:55PM

This little guy is being hand-raised by Australian zookeepers after having some difficulty with his mom. Watch him cuddle his stuffed friend. See him drink from a bottle with his weird little old-man face. Note that he has trouble retracting his tongue all the way into his mouth. Fall in love.

All of the Adorable Action From This Year's Puppy Bowl

Whitney Jefferson · 02/07/11 12:06AM

While most of America was glued to Fox for the duration of the night, there were others of us that spent the evening watching cute little puppies playing on a fake football field. Not that we're complaining!

Brooklyn's Vespa Vigilantes Are Cutest Crime-Fighting Duo in America

Maureen O'Connor · 08/17/10 02:46PM

Bumrushed by a thief on the street, an innocent female shrieked: Her cellphone had been stolen! Just then, a Vespa scooted onto the scene. Chromed wheels shining like justice, its passengers chased down the bandit and retrieved the maiden's phone.

Anderson Cooper Is Not Your Dancing Monkey Boy

Ryan Tate · 03/19/09 07:34PM

Anderson Cooper isn't about to make a dancing fool of himself with Ellen DeGeneres, like those other TV news anchors, whom he helpfully names. Plus, public displays of ardor just aren't his thing.

Ryan Seacrest's Awkward Slumdog Interview

Ryan Tate · 02/22/09 07:09PM

Indian names baffle E!'s Ryan Seacrest, so he just held a sign up to the camera to introduce children from the cast of Slumdog Millionaire. Sad. Then things got more weird.

Dear Loser: You'll Never Be A Pick-Up Artist

Ryan Tate · 02/14/09 05:00PM

Sure, other writers have gone to seduction classes undercover. But how many were female? And how many told their male classmates they'll always be "schlubby" beta males?