The Wonderful Flaws of Insane Shelter Dogs, Vol. 2

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/14 01:40PM

Some of the best dogs on earth are shelter dogs. Also some of the craziest dogs. Today, we celebrate these wonderful, insane, great dogs, with their totally real descriptions from a local dog shelter.

How Parents Use Facebook and Yahoo to Unload Adopted Kids Online

Nitasha Tiku · 09/09/13 01:55PM

Usually, you only see the term "private re-homing" on message boards where pet owners seek new caretakers for unwanted animals. But, Reuters reports, there's a far more sinister context for the phrase—on another, scarily similar network of online bulletin boards where desperate parents advertise and abandon children they regret adopting from overseas.

$250 Million Island-Collecting Widow Dumped Two Children She Adopted from China

Taylor Berman · 03/03/13 10:07PM

Christine Svenningsen is a rich, New York widow who enjoys collecting and remodeling estates in Long Island Sound. She is also, apparently, a rich, New York widow who enjoys collecting—I'm sorry, adopting—children from China, only to give them up for readoption once she tires of them. According to a report in the Daily News, Svenningsen has given up not just one adopted child—as previously thought—but two.

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Upholds Ban Preventing Gay Couples from Adopting

Maggie Lange · 02/20/13 04:50PM

With a narrow 5-4 vote, Puerto Rico's Supreme Court continues to ban gay couples from adopting children. The vote weighed in on an individual case, involving an unnamed woman who attempted to adopt the child of her partner. Her partner had had in-vitro fertilization to conceive the child.

Amy Winehouse Was Adopting a 10-Year-Old When She Died

Maureen O'Connor · 08/01/11 10:32AM

This little girl says Amy Winehouse was trying to adopt her. Miley Cyrus gets a gay marriage tattoo. Kellan Lutz still has candy from 2003, and eats it regularly. Kim Kardashian's fans freak her out. Monday gossip pulls an Angelina.

Liger Cub Being Raised by Dog

Max Read · 05/24/11 07:07PM

What on earth could be cuter than a pair of baby ligers (the product of a Manchurian tiger mother and African lion father)? What about... those ligers being raised by a dog, alongside two of her own pups? This particular adorable multispecies family hails from the Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo in Shangdong, China. Unfortunately, two other liger cubs died of malnutrition after being rejected by their mother, but their siblings are apparently on the road to health, thanks to their adoptive mother.

Ravi Somaiya · 04/10/10 11:18AM

The woman who returned her adopted son to Moscow, with a note, may face charges.