"Academic Apartheid" in Higher Education

Hamilton Nolan · 06/08/16 03:30PM

Before you go into great debt to send your kid to college, you should hear from the low-paid, ill-treated workers who will actually be educating them: adjunct professors. They are sharing their stories with us. Their view is much different from the one you’ll find in the college brochure.

The Scarlet Letter of Academia

Hamilton Nolan · 05/31/16 11:30AM

America’s colleges and universities are out for the summer. For students, it’s a time to party. For the low-paid adjunct professors who make higher education function, it is a time to wonder whether they made a terrible mistake.

"Don't Stay in School, Kids" 

Hamilton Nolan · 05/23/16 01:20PM

American universities spend half a trillion dollars a year. Very little of that money goes to the people who do a huge part of the teaching: the adjunct professors, academia’s hidden underclass. They are telling us their stories. They’re not pretty.

The Misery of Adjunct Professors Keeps Higher Education Booming

Hamilton Nolan · 04/21/16 11:30AM

Being an adjunct professor at a college may be the job with the single biggest discrepancy between the (high) education level required to hold it and the (astoundingly low) level of pay. How long until this system blows up?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/14 10:37AM

A new study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology finds that adjunct professors in U.S. colleges are at unique risk of "depression, anxiety, and stress" due to their jobs. Why might that be?

Professor Gives 25 Years to Teaching, Dies Broke

Hamilton Nolan · 09/19/13 09:14AM

Margaret Mary Vojtko was a longtime adjunct professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Earlier this month, she died penniless. She may have an even greater effect in death than in life.