Russian Heroin Addicts Are People Too

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/14 12:11PM

This seven-minute video of Russian heroin addicts, dressed in high fashion clothes, discussing their hopes and dreams and other profoundly normal topics is either exploitative, or a deeply moving exploration of humanity. Worth watching either way. [Vimeo]

Twitter Addiction Destroys Man's Life

Maureen O'Connor · 11/11/11 02:56PM

Larry Carlat used to be a married editor of a men's magazine. (Men's Health, according to LinkedIn.) Then he became obsessed with Twitter, lost his job, got divorced, and alienated loved ones. In a grim addiction memoir for NYT Magazine's Lives column, the tweetoholic describes tweeting "every hour on the hour, day and night":

The Very Bizarre Past of Andrew Zimmern

Remy Stern · 05/11/11 05:59PM

What was Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern doing before he started eating bull testicles for a living? He was homeless and stealing old ladies' purses to fund his cocaine, heroin, and alcohol habit, that's what. [The Fix]

Britain's Youngest Alcoholic is Three Years Old

Brian Moylan · 03/15/11 11:00AM

A three-year-old is being treated for alcoholism after exhibiting withdrawal symptoms, and the authorities claim the child has been consuming booze regularly for a period of time. We're not quite sure how, but Four Loko must be to blame. [Telegraph]

The McRib Resurrection Is Coming

Hamilton Nolan · 10/11/10 10:41AM

Look to your left; look to your right. One of the mild-mannered, college-educated people sitting next to you could be harboring a secret McRib Sandwich fetish. Generic machine-shaped pork product addicts are, reportedly, everywhere.

Teen Daughter Pregnant. Son On Drugs. What's Next?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/10/08 09:10AM

The plan was for Track to be the good kid in the Palin family. The athletically-named son of VP nominee Sarah Palin—who's set to ship out soon for Iraq—was portrayed as a symbol of patriotism on stage at the Republican Convention. But did he only join the Army to escape a life of drugs and crime back in Alaska? The newly famous enlistee gets the full investigative treatment from the Enquirer —which always saves the best stuff for the print version. Which we now have in hand! The young man has partied with some very talkative people. So: while Track was watching his mom enthrall the nation, was he really daydreaming of mainlining sweet, sweet Oxycontin and playing "master" criminal back home? We quote: Track is portrayed as the biggest bad boy in Wasilla. A serious drug problem, vandalism, theft, and partying are his main pastimes, allegedly. Which really wouldn't be that remarkable if the Republican party wasn't holding him up as, you know, a role model. If true, this would make the Palins a caricature: the country family with a pregnant teen, son on OxyContin, and a mom desperately trying to present a respectable face to the world. And failing. And honestly, everyone: the Enquirer does not represent the media elite. So the liberal media should be safely insulated from the backlash on this one. The best quotes from the Enquirer's story:

Gambling Addiction: Just Do It!

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/08 02:59PM

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that afflicts hundreds of thousands of Americans. To an addict, it may seem like slot machines are stalking you—calling you. It's tragic. So one ad agency for Empire City Casino said, "Let's go with that!" Click to watch how easy it is to tease out a problem gambler's psychosis and use it to lure them right back into the hive of one-armed bandits.