Buzz Bissinger's Midlife Sex Crisis Metastasized Into a $600,000 Shopping Addiction

Max Read · 03/26/13 11:48AM

Buzz Bissinger is having a sexual midlife crisis. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Friday Night Lights stopped having sex with his wife "several years ago," he writes, and "began to wonder about sex and sexuality and where exactly I fit in in the complex spectrum." He started experimenting with sex with men, in being a "dominant leather master," in cross-dressing, in sex clubs. And he spent $600,000 on clothes that make him look like a Russian music producer.

Is This Woman As Obsessed with Puppets As She Says She Is?

Adrian Chen · 12/22/10 11:53PM

As a star of the TLC reality series My Strange Addictions, April Brucker claims to be so addicted to ventriloquism that her fiance made her choose to between him and her puppets. But not all is as it seems!

Sissies At NYT Sunday Styles Addicted To Weed Addictions, Man

Foster Kamer · 07/19/09 12:15PM

Drug addictions and rehab trips have - as much drugs themselves - been trendy forever. But what about weed addictions? The Times' Sunday Styles' 'bout to get all High Times on us and investigate. Bongs out, bowls packed? Blaze away!

Pareene · 10/22/07 09:23AM

How's this for a brilliant idea: a cigarette that will still give you all the cancer, but without any of that sweet, sweet nicotine! You get no pleasure from smoking it beyond the satisfaction of committing yourself to 10 minutes less of life. Former FDA policy director David Adams sees a world where kids finally get their own cigarettes, so they can continue to "fit in" and "look cool" while not worrying about becoming addicted or enjoying the entire chemical point of smoking. And eventually nicotine will be banned anyway and only wealthy assholes will be able to afford antique cigarettes smuggled in from Cuba or something. [NYT]