Taylor Berman · 06/16/13 08:17PM

New York Senator Chuck Schumer thinks there's an Adderall problem on college campuses. Instead of amphetamine-based “academic doping,” Schumer has a few other suggestions for pulling all-nighters: “There's coffee, there's things like NoDoz."

Has Adderall Jumped the Shark?

Sheila · 04/11/08 12:27PM

Nature magazine polled their readers on their use of "cognition-enhancing drugs," such as Adderall, that great booster of the chattering classes. Oh, let's just call them by their street names: Speed, people. Uppers. Bennies. Blues. Results of the poll? Readers are for them! Twenty percent have taken neuroenhancers like Ritalin, Adderall, or Provogil, seeing them as a perfectly acceptable way to focus and "stimulate concentration or memory." More proof that the modern world has shot our attention spans to hell.

The Reality Behind 'The Hills': Adderall Addicts And Cat Pee

Molly Friedman · 04/10/08 01:40PM

It's really a shame that the storylines we see on The Hills aren't as "real" as MTV claims they are, since the blonde cast's off-screen lives seem far more colorful than what we see on the show. This season we've trudged through (yawn) yet another ongoing catfight between Heidi and Lauren, and barely kept our eyes open while slowest speaker in the world Whitney learns how to cope with a new job. But rumors surfacing today involving real-life catfights between Lauren and roomie Audrina, plus not-so-blind items suggesting the entire cast is fed drugs by producers, make us wish this "unscripted" drama would throw out the scripts already.

One Novelist's Drug Cocktail

Sheila · 03/04/08 03:45PM

We already know that half of Manhattan abuses Adderall, but what does an ex-addict novelist need to get writing in the morning? According to an Esquire interview with James Brown, author of Los Angeles Diaries: a lot. Writers, take note! Among other things, we learn about antidepressant Wellbutrin's pleasing stimulant qualities, especially whenn combined with something called "No-Explode..."

Speed Not As Novel As Believed

Nick Denton · 01/21/08 05:41PM

Why does Diane Keaton have to kill our trend story? Adderall was looking good as the pill of choice of a new creative generation. And then the 62-year-old actress, who made her name opposite Woody Allen in moves such as Manhattan, spoils it all. On the Letterman show, on CBS, on Friday, she was reminiscing about the debut of her acting career, as part of the original cast of the musical, Hair, in 1968. Keaton, who was supposed to be promoting her new movie, Mad Money, blurted out that forty years ago she and her fellow actors received injections of a methamphetamine drug, much like Adderall. And we so hoped there was something new in the creative pharmacopeia. (In another of Allen's movies in which Keaton starred, Sleeper, at least the future had some medical advances, such as the orgasmatron.) After the jump, the clip from the Letterman show.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Adderall

Richard Lawson · 01/08/08 11:10AM

Yesterday there was an in-comments FAQ with our Adderall Adviser, Alex Geana (commenter AlexWriterly). He's writing a book about the pharmaceutical-grade amphetamine! What did we learn? Well, mostly that Gawker readers are all pill-popping menaces. Though, it's unclear how much we really needed that reiterated. Either way, after the jump you'll find a list of Five Things You Didn't Know About Adderall.

The Adderall Advisor

Nick Denton · 01/07/08 04:40PM

So it happens that one of last week's tipsters, Alex Geana, is writing a collection of short stories and poetry on pill-popping culture. (I'm sure many books have been written on Adderall.) In exchange for a promotional link, he's agreed to answer the questions you've been dying to ask about that pharmaceutical-grade amphetamine. How do I get a prescription? Will it make me creative? Will it make my teeth fall out? Where do I get it? Your questions, and Alex's useful answers, after the jump. (Excuse his spelling: he's a poet.)


Nick Denton · 01/04/08 04:56PM

The percentage of respondents in our poll who say they've at least experimented with Adderall. (Maybe users of the speed-like pill just click more.) The poll's still open, here.

The drug habits of the creative underclass

Nick Denton · 01/04/08 11:55AM

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"I love my orange pills"

Nick Denton · 01/03/08 02:58PM

Yesterday's casting call, for users of cognitive enhancers, has produced a winner. W, a 27-year-old with a "big, fancy job" in Manhattan, says she started taking Adderall in college, and never stopped. "Beats the fuck out of coffee," she says. For her not-so-tragic tale, read on.

The drug habits of the creative underclass

Richard Morgan · 01/02/08 03:50PM

The Los Angeles Times recently offered an intriguing report on "cognitive enhancers," the batch of attention-focusing and memory-helping drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin. (Also known as amphetamines, but that sounds so low-rent.) A 2005 survey that found 4-7% of college students had used. The real question: how many of them continued beyond graduation when they moved to the big city and took jobs at glamorous magazine companies and blog conglomerates? The LAT says use of amphetamines—sorry, cognitive enhancers—is widespread in the creative professions. Well, that's what an unprincipled drug marketer, and a headline-grubbing writer, would want to believe. The mundane reality? Probably caffeine abuse. But you tell us. Let's talk.

abalk · 07/19/07 12:59PM

"U.S. medical researchers have discovered use of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Ritalin by young children might affect their brains." Um, isn't that the point? Also, what about the massive use of Adderall by adults? Does that do anything bad, brain-wise? A, uh, friend wants to know. [UPI]

Paris Hilton On Larry King

abalk · 06/27/07 10:02PM

In HER FIRST TV INTERVIEW SINCE SHE GOT OUT OF JAIL, hotel heiress Paris Hilton sat down with CNN's Larry King for a very special Larry King Live last night. The articulate, multi-talented businesswoman appeared contrite, well-prepared, and — ah, who are we kidding, it's Paris Hilton. Larry King nailed her on a Bible question. Here are some highlights.