Ryan Seacrest Will Be the Next Oprah

Richard Lawson · 06/11/10 01:48PM

If Les Moonves has anything to say about it, at least. Also today: a disproportionate amount of theatre news involving elves and vampires, that idiot movie casts another idiot, and the woeful tale of D.L. Hughley.

Our Favorite Moments From Parks & Recreation's Season Finale

Whitney Jefferson · 05/21/10 02:13PM

Enjoy these while you can because NBC has made the terrible decision to start Parks and Rec in a midseason spot next fall. Though the episode was pretty fantastic all-around, we've picked favorite moments for you to laugh at.

Secrets Of The Prosthetic Member: 'Tell Me' Star Tells All

Seth Abramovitch · 07/08/08 05:00PM

As the official site describes it, HBO's Tell Me You Love Me offers "an unfiltered look at three couples as they navigate critical periods in their lives." By "unfiltered," of course what they mean is, "boldly ushering slapping balls into the premium cable landscape." And no one's slapping balls were more closely scrutinized than actor Adam Scott, whose Cruiseian good looks made up one-half of the couple you would have most eagerly TiVoed through the boring stuff to see knock prosthetic uglies. Talking to BlackBook, Scott reveals what went into making the "banging for real" illusion come alive: