Adam Lanza's Father Speaks: “You Can't Get Any More Evil”

Taylor Berman · 03/10/14 09:05AM

In a harrowing interview with the New Yorker, the first since his son, Adam, shot and killed 20 students and six teachers in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary, Peter Lanza described the horror, guilt, and regret he's felt since the tragedy. "Any variation on what I did and how my relationship was [with Adam] had to be good, because no outcome could be worse," Lanza said. "You can't get any more evil."

The Unbearable Invisibility of White Masculinity: Innocence In the Age of White Male Mass Shootings

David J. Leonard · 01/12/13 02:15PM

I have been profiled my entire life as innocent. When disruptive in class, I was told that I was eccentric, that I needed to work on my focus. Growing up, I looked for fights and conflicts yet I never fit the profile of a juvenile delinquent. The chip on my shoulder never signified a thug; I was just a kid with a bad temper who needed to mature and grow out of it.

School Suspends, Shames Student For Not Excoriating Adam Lanza in Private Poem

Jordan Sargent · 01/01/13 10:06PM

Here is evidence of mental health protocols in America being fucked up, which is something we might want to collectively figure out if we're going to stop things like mass shootings. Courtni Webb is a student at Learning Life Academy in California, and last month a teacher found a poem in her notebook that empathized with Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. In the poem, Webb wrote the following:

Police Raid Gun Store Where Nancy Lanza Purchased Rifle After Owner Was Unaware That a Man Stole an AR-15 With Plan For a Massacre

Jordan Sargent · 12/20/12 10:31PM

One way in which to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them is to make sure that gun stores stop thieves, especially ones that brazenly walk into a store, take a gun off the rack and walk out. Or, at the very least — like, the absolute least there's ever been — gun stores should realize that a gun has been stolen in the first place. A gun store in East Windsor, Conn. failed miserably at both of these tasks earlier this week, and consequently was raided by the feds tonight. Oh, in a poetic coincidence, the store sold one of the guns used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

I Am Adam Lanza's Mother

Liza Long · 12/16/12 09:33AM

Three days before 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, then opened fire on a classroom full of Connecticut kindergartners, my 13-year-old son Michael (name changed) missed his bus because he was wearing the wrong color pants.

What We Know from Last Night and this Morning: Lanza Forced His Way into the School

MTanzer · 12/15/12 11:04AM

Over the night, a bunch of news has trickled out of Connecticut. A press conference held by state police managed to establish a few new facts. The press conference was led by Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and the biggest nugget of new information he gave reporters was that the shooter, Adam Lanza, forced his way into the school.

Connection Between Nancy Lanza, Mother of Newtown Shooter, and Sandy Hook Elementary Still in Question

Jordan Sargent · 12/15/12 12:40AM

There are now conflicting reports as to whether Nancy Lanza — the mother of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza and the woman believed to be his first victim — taught at Sandy Hook Elementary, where Lanza killed 26 others, or if her relationship with the school was much more nebulous. It had been reported for much of Friday that Nancy taught at the school — and that Adam may have targeted children in her classroom — but that hypothesis got much murkier late Friday night.

First Two Victims Identified as Sandy Hook Principal, Psychologist Who Immediately Confronted Shooter

Jordan Sargent · 12/14/12 07:56PM

The first two victims in the Sandy Hook massacre have been identified: Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach. The Wall Street Journal spoke to Diane Day, a school therapist at Sandy Hook, who was in a room with Hochsprung and Sherlach when the shooting first occurred, and she provided some new details as to what happened when the shots broke out:

Actually, Now Is the Time to Talk Politics

Cord Jefferson · 12/14/12 07:05PM

Probably the most widely viewed Twitter trending topic in the United States right now is "#prayfornewton." The ad hoc hashtag is indicative of both the public's desire to show support for the victims in today's Connecticut school shooting—most of whom were children— but also our ignorance of what exactly happened at Sandy Hook Elementary: the shooting was in Newtown, not "Newton."

Here's the First Photo of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza, Plus More Details of His Relationship With His Mother

Jordan Sargent · 12/14/12 06:40PM

This is the first photo (undated, but not current) of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza, via ABC. We know that Lanza, the suspected Newtown shooter, had a mother, Nancy, who taught at Sandy Hook Elementary. Though it has not yet been confirmed by police, the AP is reporting that Nancy was the unnamed adult victim found dead later this afternoon. More details have now emerged regarding the relationship between Lanza and his mother.