Adam Lambert: As Faggy As He Wants To Be

Rich Juzwiak · 05/17/12 02:27PM

As tied up as we are in waiting for legislation to catch up with our humanity, being a gay man can be supremely liberating. This is especially so on a behavioral level. (I assume this is similar for queer people of all and/or no genders, but I'm just speaking from experience here.) To be at peace with your queerness is to allow yourself to do whatever the fuck. We're not really expected to adhere to the heteronormative confines of masculinity, so why should we? Getting over the fear of being called a faggot really opens up the possibilities of how you represent yourself – you can be as masculine and/or as feminine as you are and/or see fit at a moment's notice. We still have to mind our environment (so, like, ease up on the lip liner in Uganda), but given the right place, we are freer than most.

Adam Lambert Fans Will Do Anything for a Copy of This Magazine

Brian Moylan · 10/31/11 04:46PM

When I saw this sign offering $20 for the current issue of The Advocate, the very serious older brother of the gay publishing world, with Adam Lambert on the cover, I thought it was a joke. After all, this is the current issue. But no. It seems the gay singer and mascara addict is creating a worldwide magazine shortage.

An Open Letter to Adam Lambert

Madeleine Davies · 03/11/11 05:05PM

Last night's American Idol was a result show, which, though rife with human suffering, is sort-of boring to recap (Ashthon went home. Bye, Ashthon!). Instead, let's compose an open letter to former contestant and last night's guest, Adam Lambert!

American Idol: Dreams Can't Come True

Richard Lawson · 03/11/11 11:45AM

Last night we saw our first individual elimination and the contestants were once again reminded that this is going to be no easy feat, to keep their wits about them and make it to the end. Was it a fair elimination? I think it certainly was.

Did Gross Kombucha Tea Set Off Lindsay's SCRAM?

Adrian Chen · 06/19/10 09:24AM

Lindsay's favorite non-alcoholic beverage is alcoholic! Lady Gaga shocks another sports stadium. Snooki throws a drink. Good Morning America has a gay kiss double-standard. "Kidnapped" Jeremy London's story keeps getting dumber. Saturday's Gossip Roundup is advancing to the next round.

What Exactly Is Adam Lambert Trying to Do?

Richard Lawson · 06/14/10 01:46PM

America's favorite bedazzled skinsuit wearer, American Idol runner up and former Wicked chorus boy Adam Lambert, has a new song out about boots and dancing and eyeliner and he's just released the notly anticipated music video. It's confusing.

American Idol: Two If By Seacrest

Richard Lawson · 04/15/10 11:03AM

Yay for double elimination! That's how this show should work always. Yes last night two of our dear friends went home and we couldn't be happier with the results. Well, maybe a little.

Lady Gaga Seeks Revenge Against Ex Who Wronged Her

Maureen O'Connor · 03/20/10 09:37AM

Gaga sues the ex-boyfriend suing her—he didn't invent her, he took advantage of her. Kate Winslet moons for a dead ex. Tiger's sext ex has more where those came from. Saturday gossip is the one that got away.

Bill O'Reilly Hearts Adam Lambert

Adrian Chen · 02/17/10 09:15PM

Bill O'Reilly does a segment at the end of every show, where he picks out who he thinks is a "Pinhead" and who is a "Patriot." It's as funny as it seems. But tonight, O'Reilly heaped praise upon the Glambert!