Another Day, Another Nazi Scandal for Jesse James

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/11 10:45AM

Jesse James isn't a Nazi, he's just really "into history," OK? Padma Lakshmi's custody battle erupts. Jessica Simpson fights to keep an embarrassing exercise video under wraps. Wednesday's gossip roundup comes back to bite your well-toned butt.

Shy Heidi Montag Fails to Keep Breasts Covered While Filming Movie

Maureen O'Connor · 03/17/10 08:14AM

Mrs. Pratt's bikini top overfloweth and the paparazzi goes wild. What caused the Winslet-Mendes divorce? Ashley Dupre sets her hair on fire while posing naked. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dares to wear pants. Wednesday gossip is full of risks.

Tinsley Moves On; Will Smith Talks Politics

cityfile · 01/29/10 08:34AM

Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show has finished shooting. So, naturally, her "relationship" with former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis has come to an end, too. She's reportedly on the hunt for a new boyfriend, though, so if you know someone who'd a good match for the fame-obsessed socialite, do get in touch. [P6]
• Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie planted those breakup rumors because it's Oscar season, they haven't been nominated for anything, and they wanted to make sure they remained in the spotlight? Anything's possible, right? [E!, NYDN]
Padma Lakshmi is due to give birth next month, but she's still isn't revealing who the baby daddy is. Could it be on-again, off-again boyfriend and billionaire financier Teddy Forstmann? Or on-again, off-again boyfriend and venture capitalist Adam Dell, the younger brother of computer mogul Michael Dell? The mystery continues! [P6]
• Here's a sign of the apocalypse: Will Smith is thinking about running for president. (Yes, President of the United States.) [Popeater]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/14/09 07:29AM

Worst birthday ever: Embattled Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit turns 52 today, although we're going to assume that whatever big party Swati Pandi had been planning is not going ahead as scheduled. Others celebrating: 60 Minutes' Andy Rooney is turning 90. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is 45. The New York Times' Maureen Dowd is 57. Models Karen Elson and Angela Lindvall are both turning 30. Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is 46. Cranky liberal Eric Alterman is 49. Venture capitalist (and babe magnet) Adam Dell is turning 39. Jason Bateman is 40. Dave Grohl is celebrating his 40th. LL Cool J is 41. Faye Dunaway is turning 68. And Ms. Kristin Cavallari is turning 22 today.

Icahn puffs up Yahoo board nominee's resume

Owen Thomas · 05/16/08 07:00AM

Adam Dell, Michael Dell's younger brother, is a venture capitalist with some successes under his belt, including HotJobs, which Yahoo bought. He'd make a fine Yahoo board member. So why does Carl Icahn feel it necessary to inflate his qualifications? Dell's biography, as supplied by Icahn, claims that Dell "is a contributing columnist to the technology publication, Business 2.0." Not since 2001, in fact, and the magazine itself closed last year.

Carl Icahn's letter to Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock

Nicholas Carlson · 05/15/08 11:40AM

Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock has a letter from corporate raider Carl Icahn in his inbox. It's more than 3,000 words long. For a version that Bostock and you can read before Icahn completes his raid, see below.

Adam Dell

cityfile · 04/23/08 04:09PM

The brother of billionaire Dell computer founder Michael Dell, Adam formerly owned venture capital firm Impact Venture Partners, which invested in companies like Hot Jobs and restaurant point of service system, Open Table.

Michael Dell wants to buy his little brother's start-up, awww

Mary Jane Irwin · 02/13/08 04:20PM

Michael Dell is adding one more bronco to his stable, email backup service MessageOne. The company is ho-hum — boring enterprise software; the founder, not so much. That's because his last name is also Dell. As in Adam Dell, Michael's younger brother. That's not the only part of this deal that's staying in the family: The $155 million addition will kick $12 million back to Michael, who invested in MessageOne. He says his profits will go to charity. Adam will walk away with $1 million, and the brother's parents, another $500,000.