The Definitive List of Facebook Sugar Daddies

Ryan Tate · 07/11/11 06:49PM

Sure, you've heard of Facebook billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker. But how about multimillionaire Ezra Callahan? Or half billionaires Matt Cohler, Adam D'Angelo and Chris Hughes? is ready to introduce you, and your libido, to the Facebook B-list.

Yet another hoodie-wearing Harvard kid drops out of Facebook

Nicholas Carlson · 07/11/08 10:20AM

We know Zuck was close to Adam D'Angelo. They went to High School together and even built the digital music software that first igniting Zuckerberg's entrepreneurial imagination back in his teens. Cohler was employee number five at Facebook — there when the company was one room big. Zuck recruited Hammerbacher, whom he knew from Harvard, to join the company from a presumably well-paying gig at Bear Stearns. With all his friends leaving, oon Zuckerberg won't have any Woz- or Allen-like buddy at the company.

Facebook CTO Adam D'Angelo's next move

Owen Thomas · 05/12/08 01:20PM

Adam D'Angelo's departure "broke my heart," one Facebook insider told us. But Facebook's backers are shedding no tears. We hear that both Peter Thiel's Founders Fund and Accel Partners are considering D'Angelo for an entrepreneur-in-residence role — a sinecure venture capital firms offer Valley executives while they're looking for a new startup idea. He's also talking to Google, which is surely eager to reverse the flow of its employees to Facebook.

Facebook CTO leaves a company that's graduating from high school

Owen Thomas · 05/11/08 09:18PM

The Facebook Prom was prophetic, signaling farewells, graduation, and the ending of teenage ties. As his colleagues were preparing to dance the night away at the Metreon, CTO Adam D'Angelo, a high school buddy of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was saying his farewells. BoomTown reports that D'Angelo, 23, is leaving the company because "his responsibilities no longer fit well with his skills and interests." Even as the company tries to recreate a high-school environment to keep its employees tightly knit, Zuckerberg's own social network is fraying.

Zuckerberg "punishes" naughty developers, rewards users

Nicholas Carlson · 02/28/08 03:20PM

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook platform czar Adam D'Angelo announced new limits on developer spam last night. Facebook used to allow app makers to send 20 friends application invites a day. Developers are now seeing limits of around 8 to 12 per day. Facebook's platform minders also changed the format of invites, moving an unsubscribe link up. "Top developers" hate the news, according to Inside Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg demotes his No. 2 exec

Owen Thomas · 08/15/07 12:22PM

Founders never share power willingly, gracefully, or for very long. That's a lesson that Facebook's Owen Van Natta should have learned at the knee of Jeff Bezos, when Van Natta was an executive at Instead, though, he's been schooled in it by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who just demoted Van Natta from COO to chief revenue officer and VP of operations, Kara Swisher reports on AllThingsD. Zuckerberg's former No. 2, once trusted to attend the Sun Valley media-mogul conference in his stead, now shares key duties with a host of other executives. Here's a rundown on Van Natta's new rivals.

Facebook's wannabe founders

Owen Thomas · 07/16/07 07:42PM

As Facebook's theoretical value soars, the interest of its hangers-ons grows practical indeed. I think that's why Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra are pursuing their lawsuit against sandal-sporting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with such tireless vigor. But the three Harvard school chums, who say they hired Zuckerberg to work on their competing ConnectU site before he launched what became Facebook, are far from the only ones pressing a claim to have been present at Facebook's creation. (For the record, long-suffering Facebook PR chief Brandee Barker says the company's official cofounders are Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskowitz.) After the jump, a gallery of everyone who's not an official founder — but who'd like to be.