The American Apparel Ad Spoofer's Final Joke On Us All

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/08 12:17PM

Well, our faith in the reliability of photography has been shattered, a decade after it should have been. The porny American Apparel ad spoofer, whose sexy ad remixes we have thoroughly documented, has been revealed as an art project by the graphic design aficionados who run Stereo Hell, as expected. More importantly: the spoof "posters" plastered throughout the city, and on AA stores, weren't posters at all; they were just Photoshop mockups. They existed only in imaginary pixellated form! No wonder none of them ever turned up on Ebay. I suppose this says something about the true nature of art; but I must admit that the achievement seems less impressive now. There is no Santa Claus either, btw. After the jump, two Photoshopped photos of the spoofer's final big reveal. We'll miss you, you fake bastards:

Denied! Anon AA Ad Artist Slams Faux-Bam Culture Jam

Hamilton Nolan · 08/28/08 11:50AM

So yesterday we posted what seemed to be a new work by the anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer—this one featuring Obama being menaced by a big dick, with the familiar slogan "The Assassination of Barack Obama" and an American Apparel logo. Then we heard that it might not be a work by the actual spoofer, which was confirmed by the spoofer's own blog, then confirmed again by Copyranter, who thinks the Obama piece is a Photoshop fake. Now the spoofer himself has sent us a statement, of sorts, saying he welcomes copycats as long as it's clear they're different copycats (and he's not a Dov Charney employee, thank you):

Spoof Update

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/08 01:52PM

We hear (third-hand) that the actual anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer has denied making the Obama Porn-sassination poster we put up earlier today. If the spoofer would like to issue a first-hand denial, he or she can email us.

American Apparel Spoofer Porn-sassinates Obama

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/08 12:26PM

We have to say this for the porntastic anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer: he or she is just so god damn aware of the vagaries of pseudoculture that it is impossible not to admire his or her attention-getting sensibility. Unless, of course, this all turns out to be paid for by Dov Charney, in which case you can expect a very sternly worded rebuke from us. So watch out. Today, the personal (wear) becomes political; it's The Assassination of Barack Obama as imagined not by a publicity-seeking artist Yazmany Arboleda, but by publicity-seeking artist "anonymous spoofer." And of course a big dick is involved, for reasons we can't quite understand:

American Apparel Ad Spoofer Strikes The Heart Of The Beast

Hamilton Nolan · 08/22/08 03:24PM

The anonymous, sex-positive American Apparel ad spoofer's latest conquest: the windows and front door of an upcoming Soho American Apparel store. Verily, our wayward artist has decided to strike Dov Charney right where he lives. Is this further evidence that the spoofer might be in cahoots with the company-the manifestation of the CEO's inner desire for ads unfettered by his dreary clothing? It's time to reveal yourself, poster-person. Click through to see the, um, seductive (?) re-imagining of the store's entrance:

American Apparel Ad Spoofer Becomes An Art Critic

Hamilton Nolan · 08/13/08 11:22AM

The anonymous American Apparel ad remixer has consistently shown-along with a love for pornography and a belief in the dildo-ness of AA boss Dov Charney-a marked devotion to actual "art." We're not dealing with just another vandal here; we're dealing with a vandal who may have gone to art school at some point. This valuable education enables not only the clean, porny line drawings on the ads, but now, a new frontier: a reference to pop artist Jeff Koons. And a nude woman! I don't think it's exaggerating the case to call this fake postermaker an educator. The seminal work: Jeff Koons' "Equilibrium":

Paradigm Shifts As American Apparel Spoofer Attacks Brooklyn

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/08 12:37PM

Everything is different now: for the first time in recorded history, the mysterious and porny American Apparel ad spoofer has struck in Brooklyn. Manhattan is so over! Is this a good thing or a bad thing to Brooklyn gentrification opponents, philosophically speaking? The new piece is also directly next to an AA store, perhaps marking an escalation in the conflict between spoof in commerce. Or a confluence? So many questions. One thing we are sure of: this spoofer fears neither male nor female private parts, at least in line drawing form. We feel the time has come for Dov Charney to speak out directly on his, uh, admirer. Click through for a larger pic of the latest, uh, artwork:

"Poster Boy": Artist, Vandal, Maker Of Funny Things

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/08 12:12PM

The New York subway poster art vandal, despite receiving widespread acclaim from the cognoscenti who determine who's hot these days, continues to work just as hard as when he was not yet being compared to Banksy (who, let's face it, is totally over now that we know who he is, maybe). He's retained his "ironic sloganeering" theme, and is moving strongly into "messing with faces," as well. Here are five of the anonymous subway vandal's latest ad remixes; steal them immediately, as investments:

Advertising Blow Jobs To San Francisco Tourists

Ryan Tate · 06/17/08 09:15PM

New York might have those pornographic, fake American Apparel ads, but I like this San Francisco advertising remix better, for three reasons: One, the prankster got it onto the side of one of those cable cars all the tourists ride. Two, that "Don't ask, don't tell" starburst is such a nice touch. It looks just like the authentic "It's thrilling!" logo, and must have taken some work. Third, the photo of the "marine" totally matches the color scheme of the headline, which originally read, "Been Down On A Submarine Lately?" This is the kind of creative work you can only get when your city leads the country in both gay liberation and designers per capita. [Joestump on Flickr]

Stealing Celebrity Images For Fun And Profit

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/08 02:45PM

Street art, culture jamming, anti-corporate activism, celebrity loathing, celebrity worship-it's all mixed up into a vast cultural stew these days, making the individual messages of many artists hard to parse. When in doubt just assume the message is, "I'm trying to get famous." British artist James Cauty has taken a pop art style, combined it with an advertising-remix motif, and sprinkled in a little blatant fame whoring to cap it all off. He's just commandeering billboards with pieces about celebrities saying how much they love him, and you have to admit that really crystallizes pop culture circa 2008. Plenty of people with day jobs in advertising dream about having the balls to do this (illegally). Pictured, Cauty's image and billboard theft starring Kate Moss; below, another one with celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.

American Apparel Spoofer: Bambi Porn Edition

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/08 03:58PM

The anonymous American Apparel ad prankster strikes again. This time with more animals! Also—it must be said—with even more poon-tang than usual. Copyranter says the new installment is a spoof of this bambi-themed ad. If Dov Charney doesn't find this vandal and put him or her on the payroll immediately, he's even crazier than we think. Click through for two uncensored photos of the (explicit, artistic) latest work: