Back-to-School Shopping Season Has Already Begun

Hamilton Nolan · 07/08/13 08:29AM

If the school bell has finally sounded for the final time and the kids are gleefully preparing for several long, hot months of family road trips and spilled frozen dairy dessert substances, it can only mean one thing: time to start your back-to-school shopping now. Now. There is no respite in this world of gloom.

The 'Advertising in Books' Wall Has Been Breached

Hamilton Nolan · 04/26/11 11:24AM

Harry Hurt III (pictured, with pal) used to write a column in the New York Times business section called "Executive Pursuits," in which Harry Hurt went off and did something wacky and upscale and wrote about it. It always struck me as a wholly unnecessary exercise in self-absorption, which had nothing to do with business at all, except for the fact that Harry Hurt is a rich guy. Now, he's back—pioneering the use of advertising and product placement in books. Oh. Good.

Merry Christmas Advertising Time!

Hamilton Nolan · 11/01/10 11:05AM

Bad comedians are always like, "What's up with Christmas advertising starting earlier every year?" Those bad comedians, as usual, are absolutely right. The start of Christmas advertising this year was way earlier than last year. You already missed it!

Stray Black Cats Roam London Selling Video Games

Hamilton Nolan · 02/16/09 03:12PM

Oh boy, this has instantly become our new favorite trend in advertising: Catvertising. It's advertising, on "trained" cats. The catch: fools, you cannot train a cat!

Eyes on the Prize

Hamilton Nolan · 01/05/09 03:41PM

Ad Creep installment #563: "Crotchvertising," to sell garish watches. The only shocking thing here is that Dov Charney is not involved somehow. [Trendhunter]

Oh Screw It: Ads For Sale On High School Tests

Hamilton Nolan · 12/02/08 09:23AM

Ads: they're everywhere! How many times must we repeat that pithy, insightful line? But it's true! Ads are on set-top box menus and the outsides of subway cars and inside your computer and strapped onto girls who are following you around. And every month or so ads appear in some new place and we think, "This, I fear, is the absolute pinnacle of psycho ad creep into every inappropriate nook of our lives." Well that was before teachers started selling advertising on their tests:

Ads Are The New Subway Graffiti

Hamilton Nolan · 10/17/08 08:37AM

Just this week, I saw an NYC subway train plastered with ads on the outside of the cars for the first time, up close. And you know what? It's not that bad! Kind of new and exciting and eye-catching, like graffiti used to be, except less so. That sentiment will wear off within a week or so, and the ads will recede into the category of tiring visual assaults on our collective serenity. Too bad, because more and more and more are on the way, everywhere!: What else could they possibly sell for ad space on subways? Well, how many flat surfaces are there? —Panels in trains. —Billboards in stations. —Total wraps of the exteriors of subway cars —Stairs. —Turnstile structures. —Turnstile arms. —"Digital screens inside stations." —Digital projection ads on interior station walls. —"A large display, almost the size of a movie screen, mounted above a passageway by the 7 train in Times Square." —L.E.D. displays on the interior walls of subway tunnels that make the "windows light up as if there were a television screen outside the window." Commuters willing to sell forehead ad space, please contact the MTA. [NYT]