500 Days of Kristin, Day 408: Kristin's First Ad 

Allie Jones · 03/07/16 05:55PM

On September 28, 2004, Kristin Cavallari appeared in the premiere episode of MTV’s Laguna Beach (“A Black & White Affair”). So began her transition from “popular high school student” into “person who gets paid to promote things.” What was the first dumb product our nascent reality TV star promoted?

How I (Almost) Made Big Money Working From Home Promoting Products on Instagram

Allie Jones · 01/19/16 02:15PM

Thousands of famous and semi-famous people make money by posting photos of themselves with certain products on Instagram. Some people seem to make all their money this way—Lindsay Lohan, for example. Meanwhile, millions of other people also post photos of themselves on Instagram, often also near or with products, but get nothing in return. Instagram, its parent company Facebook, and Lindsay Lohan are all making money—why shouldn’t I get in on it too?

A City is Transformed into a Technological Playground

Christopher Han · 12/04/10 04:00PM

It's hard to tell what this commercial is for - or that it's a commercial at all. Batelco, a telephone company in Bahrain (a country in the Persian Gulf) thought it'd be cool to watch objects transform and stuff.

Jane Lynch: "Damn You, Gizmodo"

Matt Cherette · 06/07/10 04:58PM

The iPhone 4 was (officially) announced mere hours ago, but the Internet has already produced a great parody ad featuring Jane Lynch and KassemG. Inside, video of Lynch and her cohort lamenting "leaked" features and name-checking Gizmodo in the process.

Argentinean Basketball Team Combats Killer Plants in Mesmerizing Ad

Matt Cherette · 06/01/10 02:26PM

In this awesome commercial for Li Ning—aka the low-budget version of Nike—Argentina's 2004 Olympic Gold Medal winning basketball team maneuvers the court as a cascade of killer plants (Triffids?) tries to stop the men from scoring. Video inside.

Obama Unimpressed With Crazy Lady Veep Candidate

ian spiegelman · 08/30/08 12:55PM

So what do you do when the curmudgeonly old Republican you're running against for President throws you a curveball and selects a pretty young-ish woman as his running mate? Point out that she's a pro-life nutbunny chosen to win over the Christian Fundamentalists whose overwhelming political influence has most of the country quite fed the hell up already? Nah, just keep focusing on the old man and the fact that he's spent the last eight years living in the small intestine of the worst President in American history. That's just what Senator Barack "Hope" Obama is doing with his first television ad reacting to the Sarah Palin nomination-it doesn't even name her! Watch it after the jump.

Twin City Gays Urged to Un-Gay for GOP Convention

ian spiegelman · 08/30/08 09:58AM

With thousands of "Family Values"-type conservatives descending on St. Paul, Minnesota, for the Republican National convention, area locals-who are largely Democratic, progressive and, yes, gay-are being asked to do their best to make the visiting Right Wingers feel more at home in a series of fun commercials which urge, "The Republicans Are Coming... Make An Effort." One example after the jump.

Kathy Hilton Tells John McCain to Shut His Stupid, Crusty Face

ian spiegelman · 08/03/08 03:38PM

How much of a silly old ass do you have to be to get me to side with the terrible, slithering Hilton Clan? About the size of John McCain, I'd wager. The war-loving Republican nominee's ad comparing Senator Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (watch it here) has gotten Paris' mom Kathy Hilton to write a terse response today. Well, she likely had someone else write it, but still.