God Smites Hippie Heathens at Burning Man

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 11:04AM

So about 50,000 artsy-lefty, sexed-up, chanting, New Aged nutsos got together in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to do all sorts non-traditional spiritual stuff, and the Lord took notice. He (She? It?) smote 'em Old School with a massive sandstorm yesterday that sent many of the occultists running for shelter before they could close the festivities with the traditional burning of some man.

Gay? Bi-Curious? Beach-Lover? Don't Let This One Get Away!

ian spiegelman · 07/19/08 06:33PM

This went up yesterday, and it's still live, so your summer could be made! "So here's the deal... I'm usually in the Hamptons with my girlfriend at my folks house, not far from the town of West Hampton. However, luck would have it that my folks are going away for a week and we're at the house alone. We like to mix it up and have fun with another guy, keeps our relationship interesting and fresh. She's only into guys but knows I like getting it on with another guy while she either watches or gets involved. So what I'm offering is this... if you're looking to get away from the madness of your share house this weekend and looking to stay with us for a couple of nights, let me know how willing you are to please us... sexually. If we think it matches with our style, we'll expect you this evening. Here's a picture of me for starters..."

PSA: Don't Eat Black Stone

ian spiegelman · 05/24/08 11:32AM

Doesn't anyone just sniff Rush anymore? "Health officials are warning New Yorkers to stay away from an illegal aphrodisiac made from toad venom after the product apparently killed a man. The city's poison control center issued the warning Friday after receiving a hospital report that a 35-year-old man who ingested the hard, brown substance died earlier this month. The product is sold under names including Piedra, Love Stone, Jamaican Stone, Black Stone and Chinese Rock at sex shops and neighborhood stores. It is banned by the Food and Drug Administration."

Real Life Worlds of Warcraft

ian spiegelman · 05/18/08 03:29PM

Why settle for the virtual world when destroying ogres and dwarves and elves and whatever the hell else you can kill in Worlds of Warcraft when you can get together with your geeky pals and role-play in the fresh air? That's what the kids in the upcoming documentary Monster Camp decided to do. Trailer after the jump. [via GuestOfAGuest]

Shark Surfer

ian spiegelman · 05/04/08 01:45PM

You see, they're not all bad. Once we all learn to be friends with our aquatic cousins we can harvest their colossal strength for the greater good of humanity.

Speed Racing Hottie Finally Wins Something

ian spiegelman · 04/20/08 12:18PM

"MOTEGI, Japan-Danica Patrick became the first female winner in IndyCar history Sunday, taking the Indy Japan 300 after the top contenders were forced to pit for fuel in the final laps." [LAT] On Sunday? Like today? Is Japan in space? Whatev... More pics of the IndyCar champ after the jump.

Rutgers Is Full Of Ninjas!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/08 01:49PM

Who says Rutgers is a second-rate school whose most noble moment came when its women's basketball team was slandered by Don Imus? Whoever they are, they will be doing some serious re-evaluation of their stereotypes when the school lands in the world-renowned Guinness Book of World Records. On April 10, Rutgers will forever become known as the site of the "world's largest gathering of people dressed as Ninja Turtles." And it's not too late for YOU to participate, and score some free pizza while you're at it! The full flier for this historic event [via Philadelphia Will Do], is below.

Cary Tennis Finally Offers Interesting Advice

Pareene · 03/19/08 11:08AM

"So do this: Take out a sheet of paper and draw two intersecting circles. On one side draw a penis and on the other side draw a vagina. In the intersection put the penis and the vagina."
Salon advice columnist Cary Tennis, today. [Salon]