These Brontë Sisters Action Figures Are the Best Thing Ever

Matt Cherette · 12/14/10 03:19PM

OK, so technically they don't exist, but here's an amazing parody ad for Brontë Sisters Power Dolls, who must "fight evil publishers to get their books into print." If you're not already sold, I have one word for you: Brontësaurus!

And now: Foul-Mouthed Action Figures Go To Therapy

nightintern · 10/11/10 10:46AM

Action toys have finally found a place to vent their emotions: YouTube! These are kind of like excerpts from an R-rated, live-action Toy Story, if there's such a thing. In one, Snow Patrol Commando rants about racism in the workplace:

The Wall Street Victim Play Set

cityfile · 02/10/09 12:57PM

Here's the perfect accessory for those of you who have watched your 401Ks implode in recent months (or those of you who've been watching the market tank this afternoon): The company that brought you that novelty Jesus action figures a few years back is now capitalizing on current events with "Wall Street Victim" figurines. "These poor people represent the emotions many of us went through as we watched our investments plummet to unimaginable lows and then plummet some more," reads the product description. At the rate things are going, though, the company's "Angry Mob Play Set" may end up being a more appropriate purchase in the near future. []