Get Paid To Quit The Advertising Industry!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/17/08 04:27PM

The eminently worthwhile Anti-Advertising Agency is offering the deal of a lifetime to one lucky robot who somehow found themselves stuck working in the soul-draining advertising industry: quit your job, and they'll cut you a check. For real! The pot stands at just $500 now, but they're accepting donations to raise it into the quadruple digits. A worthy cause! Whoever quits the marketing hellhole will also get "tips, training, and networking opportunities for future careers in the arts, journalism, volunteerism, social work, anthropology, mentalism, or poetry." They'll need that money for sure! We fully support this idea and encourage you all to donate to the freedom of a wage slave. The full press release, and how YOU can help set a soul afire, after the jump.