This Street Vendor Pours Iced Tea Like You Wouldn't Believe

Matt Cherette · 10/20/10 12:26PM

Simply put, this video is amazing. Watch a street vendor—at the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok—perform seemingly impossible feats of acrobatic pouring as he transfers iced tea from one receptacle to another over and over again with precise perfection.

Breakdancing Beggar Kicks Over a Toddler

Sergio Hernandez · 01/12/10 02:30PM

If you ever feel bad about ignoring the "proud begging" kids who dance on the subway, just remember this video of the time they kicked over a toddler.

Amazing Faceplanting Acrobats on Television

Richard Blakeley · 12/01/09 03:15PM

Being on live television is stressful enough, could you imagine having to have to land complicated acrobatic moves at the same time? Unfortunately these people didn't succeed.