Source: Justin Bieber Spit on His Neighbor Yesterday

Caity Weaver · 03/27/13 10:50AM

Yesterday it was reported that Justin Bieber was being investigated for battery after a neighbor claimed Bieber made physical contact with him during an argument that took place on the singer's property. (The neighbor's wife told KTLA that her husband went to Justin Bieber's home to complain because the 19-year-old had been racing his new Ferrari around their residential block early Tuesday morning.)

Oprah Needs to Have a Couch Chat with Herself About Her Crazy Family

Caity Weaver · 07/10/12 01:57PM

While Oprah Winfrey may seem, like an endless forest or a mighty river, to be something that always has been and always will be, it turns out she actually does have parents. One of them is getting divorced. His second wife says he tried to kill her.

Sean Penn Has Opinions; Prince William is a Pirate

Caity Weaver · 02/15/12 09:53PM

There's been a lot of news lately out of the Falkland Islands which, as we all knew without checking Wikipedia, are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, located over 250 nautical miles east of the coast of mainland South America. Both Great Britain and Argentina have claimed sovereignty over the Islands since the 1830s, and the two nations fought a ten-week war to defend their claims in 1982. As that conflict's 30th anniversary draws near, international tensions are running high.

Accused Condé Elevator Tweeter: 'This Is Fucking Ridiculous'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/11/11 02:46PM

Lucky editor and popular Tumblr-er John Jannuzzi is having a bad day. In the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast and separately reported that he is the mystery eavesdropper behind @CondeElevator. Jannuzzi declined to comment on the record when we asked him about the rumors yesterday and today, but 30 minutes ago he said this on Twitter: "This is fucking ridiculous." [TDB, SF, image via @JohnJannuzzi]

Gary Coleman Is a Chicken, Waffles

Mike Byhoff · 02/17/10 05:38PM

Coleman went on The Insider to answer questions about his alleged domestic abuse charges, and all he got were pesky questions about those charges! He can't take the heat, and storms off the set. Seriously, don't call him a waffler.

The Tucker Max Asshole Allegation Roundup

Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/08 12:07PM

Tucker Max, the "bet I can fuck this one-eyed chick in the bathroom after consuming 13 warm Coronas, bro" blogger and moviemaker-whose classic comedy movie script we excerpted for you this week-seems be an unpopular fellow, judging from the emails we receive around here. Considering the fact that he has built an "empire," ha, upon the stated foundation of being an asshole, it's not surprising. But it is getting a little hard to keep up. Today, we're going to give you a quick roundup of the various accusations against the man that have poured in to us. None of which are confirmed! Much like Tucker's own writing, they're just shit on the internet. Although several do seem to be in character for him:

'Details' Tosses Freelancer Under Ben Affleck's Hybrid SUV

Choire · 10/30/07 09:10AM

Today's Page Six provides a vehicle for Details editor Dan Peres to either school or destroy his former staffer and current freelancer Bart Blasengame. In a December editor's letter editor's note, Peres claims that Blasengame (who goes unnamed) printed a quote by Ben Affleck that Affleck "never made." Also, the article (which lacked the writer's byline) "implied" that Affleck might leave L.A.—but Peres writes that was a "statement" that Affleck never issued. A Details publicist then says that the Details editor and Ben Affleck are "good friends," and says that "Dan realized there were things taken out of context." What now? Were things taken out of context—or were they invented, as Peres says? Because there's a really serious line there to be considered before destroying someone's career in journalism to appease a snippy star. These are the kind of things that keep lawyers very busy! Blasengame did not return an email this morning. Details recently killed his story on Sarah Silverman, which then appeared in Nerve.