Facebook's Terrifying Nerd

Ryan Tate · 06/21/10 01:52PM

The attached poster for Facebook film The Social Network neatly illustrates how Hollywood will try and turn an awkward young computer nerd into an exciting character worthy of a big-budget Hollywood drama: light him like a serial killer.

Facebook, as Cast by Hollywood

Ryan Tate · 10/20/09 01:25PM

It appears Aaron Sorkin has confirmed many of the casting choices for his upcoming Facebook movie. If only Silicon Valley were this good looking. There's someone from Gossip Girl, Melanie Griffith's daughter — even a very built male model.

Facebook Tell-All Has Founders Banging Groupies in Bathroom Stalls

Ryan Tate · 06/24/09 09:52PM

Ben Mezrich's forthcoming Facebook exposé was sold to film producers before it was even written. The Hollywood influence helps explain why the book answers such pressing questions as, "Who might the co-founders have conceivably boned, and where?"