Rich Juzwiak · 10/07/13 01:59PM

"A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay so I hang out with gays a lot, and I just think they're absolutely thrilling and adorable and hilarious." - Britney Spears

Mickey Rourke's Man Purse: A Bold Fashion Choice for Gross Gym Rats

Maureen O'Connor · 12/05/11 04:20PM

First Lenny Kravtz carried a man purse, and I did not care, because he's Lenny Kravitz and was wearing high-heel boots, too. But then Mickey Rourke carried a man purse, and it was thrilling, because he's Mickey Rourke! Craggy-faced, greasy-haired, unquestionably heterosexual Mickey Rourke! Micky Rourke in sweatpants, a cowboy shirt, and a giant cold sore. Blister-lipped Mickey Rourke with a dainty purse in his hand. Yes, it's official, the man purse is here to stay.

Hotshots Now Showing They're Badasses by Wearing Bracelets

Brian Moylan · 06/07/10 03:15PM

The new status symbol for hedge funders and corporate tycoons: feminine bracelets worn on their wrists next to their expensive watches. It's an "I'm so insanely rich, I get to break the rules" kinda thing, apparently.

Trash Bag Purses at Hefty Prices

cityfile · 02/05/10 12:52PM

A couple of years ago, a photo of a fake Louis Vuitton garbage bag made the rounds. It looks like the company took the suggestion to heart. Louis Vuitton is now selling a purse made out of a trash bag. And it costs $1,960. [Refinery 29]

Hong Kong Firm Takes Ownership of the Hamptons

cityfile · 12/18/09 11:31AM

Interested in a beach bag that says "Westhampton Beach?" An Southampton-branded umbrella? A wallet with "East Hampton Beach" stamped on it? We can't imagine you would be. Nevertheless, we're also guessing the powers that be on the East End of Long Island won't be happy to hear that they no longer control their own names. This week, a variety of Hamptons-related trademarks were granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington. And it isn't a local who has the right to exploit them in the future. It's a German national who operates a garment factory in Hong Kong who does. A few of the trademarks Mr. Frank Fleischer acquired this week are listed below.

Your Holiday Shopping Just Got Pricier

cityfile · 12/08/09 01:31PM

If, like any devoted son or daughter, you were planning to buy your mom a fake Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas and pass it off as the real thing, you may now need to make other arrangements. The NYPD staged a raid on counterfeiters on Canal Street earlier today and shut down 30 storefronts that were selling fake bags, watches, and wallets, and perfume. [WABC, NBC]

The High Line Spawns a Limited-Edition Towel

cityfile · 06/09/09 02:14PM

The first stretch of the High Line may have opened yesterday, but you didn't think Diane von Furstenberg was going to sit back and relax with two more sections left to renovate, did you? She's now offering a limited-edition "large plush beach towel celebrating the opening of the High Line" both online and at her meatpacking store for $75, and a "percentage of the proceeds will go to the Friends of the High Line conservancy." [DVF]

Jason Preston's Dead Mouse Is Courtney Love's Fault

Emily Gould · 09/12/07 01:20PM

Marc Jacobs' former rentboy boyfriend reportedly told people who asked about the provenance of his dead mouse brooch that he couldn't take it off because it was "a gift from Courtney." We are trying this excuse the next chance we get.