Gary Busey Complains About His Interview Being Too Short on Access Hollywood Live

Whitney Jefferson · 03/31/11 12:00PM

After discussing his on-the-spot word acronyms and the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary's interview with Kit and Star Jones began to finish up—but he wasn't ready for it. While Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez was being teased, he shouted "is that it?" three times before jumping up and clapping.

NeNe Leaks on Star Jones: "She is a Disaster"

Whitney Jefferson · 03/23/11 01:00PM

While making fun of Star Jones' dedication to her Celebrity Apprentice charity, she brought up the fact that she believes that during her open-heart surgery, the doctors forgot to "put her heart back in." Tell us how you really feel!

Matthew McConaughey Talks Parenting and Letting His Daughter Eat Dirt

Whitney Jefferson · 03/16/11 01:30PM

On today's Access Hollywood Live, Matthew McConaughey spoke about being a parent for some time. He mentioned that his daughter loves to eat dirt—and immediately freaked out that those words would be the sound-byte of the whole interview.

Joan and Melissa Rivers Discuss Their Biggest Fight Ever

Whitney Jefferson · 03/15/11 04:20PM

On today's Access Hollywood Live, Joan and Melissa shared tales of their "biggest fight ever." It also just so happens to air tonight on Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best's season finale. Who would have thought?

Tyra Banks Contemplates Wearing Suspenders With Boobs

Whitney Jefferson · 03/15/11 12:50PM

On this morning's Access Hollywood Live, Tyra responded to Kit Hoover's compliment about her outfit by sharing her struggle: "Where do you put them when you have boobs? Over the boob or on the side of the boob?"

Listen to Billy Bush Describe the Perfect "Side Boob"

Whitney Jefferson · 02/22/11 01:50PM

While discussing Jennifer Aniston's dress at the premiere of her new movie, Billy Bush digressed into a long conversation about his favorite kind of side boob. Apparently "full spillage is the worst" — but isn't that just straight-up naked breasts?

Regis Philbin Announces His Retirement

Whitney Jefferson · 01/18/11 11:18AM

After 28 years of hosting his morning show, Regis Philbin has decided not to renew his contract when it expires this Spring. Video of his announcement from this morning, inside.