Fred Armisen Gives Five-Minute Improvised Master Class in NYC Accents

Andy Cush · 11/24/14 10:45AM

If you've ever wondered what separates New York's toughest accent (The Bronx) from its second-toughest (The Rockaways), how East Villagers talk differently from their counterparts on the West, or why Long Islanders sound so flabbergasted all the time, allow Fred Armisen and his considerable improv skills to demonstrate.

America's Ugliest Accent, Round One: Boston, Baltimore, L.A., Chicago

Dayna Evans · 09/29/14 01:30PM

If you're from Philadelphia, your preferred non-Yuengling beverage is wooder. If you're from New York City, your greatest enemies are the bridge-and-tunnel crowd from Lawng Island. If you're from Los Angeles, you respond to people who hop on the 405 at rush hour with a pained "Whyy-ee?"

This Gentleman's Game of Thrones Impressions Are Spot-On

Jay Hathaway · 06/23/14 08:50AM

Game of Thrones has been criticized for its varied, seemingly random collection of British accents, but the lack of consistency across the different regions of Westeros and Essos just makes it easier for impressionist Steve Love to imitate a dozen characters from Season 4.

America's Ugliest Accents Finally Get the Comedy Sketch They Deserve

Rich Juzwiak · 03/05/14 12:56PM

Comedy Central's criminally underrated Kroll Show devoted most of last night's episode to a reality show pawn-porn parody called Pawnsylvania. In it, Nick Kroll's Philadelphian character swapped pawn shops with Jon Daly's Pittsburgher and verbal hideousness ensued. These accents are so hard to nail (I was flummoxed when Toni Collette was praised for her Philly accent in The Sixth Sense, which was...not a Philly accent), and also hard to differentiate, though they are substantially distinct.

Why Are American Child Stars Now Speaking In British Accents?

Rich Juzwiak · 09/17/13 04:50PM

Yesterday, sulking fame heir Willow Smith performed her song "Summer Fling" on the first episode of the new Queen Latifah Show. If you saw the official video for this song that can't decide if it wants to be a ballad or an uptempo (not that it has to decide anything since it is millennial), you probably noticed that Smith breaks into a British accent for no good reason during the song's few spoken lines. She sounds extremely stupid, which I guess makes sense since she is 12. She did the same thing during her performance, but the accent was more pronounced and the lines were different. In the interview that followed the performance, Smith did not speak in a British accent, which also makes sense, since she isn't British.

Does Jill Abramson Have a Weird Accent?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/06/11 11:56AM

Last week, Jill Abramson became the first female ever to hold the top editor's job at the New York Times. She'll now be responsible for leading America's most important journalistic institution through a perilous and unsure time of media industry upheaval. So we must ask: what up with her accent?