The Oscars Can't Do Anything Right

Rich Juzwiak · 02/25/16 05:58PM

You might think that in a year when the Academy Awards have been under fire for lacking diversity, the powers that be would ask the first trans performer nominated for an Oscar to take the stage at some point during Sunday’s ceremony. Even if Hollywood remains transphobic for the foreseeable future, even if no one attending or behind the scenes of the Oscars speaks out about trans discrimination or educates themselves about trans issues or strikes up a friendship with a trans person or ends up liking trans people even in the abstract, having a trans performer onstage would be a feather in the cap, a way of deflecting criticism and saying, “Hey, look—we actually can be inclusive (even if we don’t think much of black people in the industry).” At the very least, it would be a good PR move.

Here's Who's Going To Win the Oscars This Year

Rich Juzwiak · 02/24/13 11:37AM

For a variety of reasons, the winners in this years Oscars race have seemed clear-cut for weeks. Maybe it's because the nominations themselves this year contained few surprises or because of the heaping piles of trophies that the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Argo have already picked up at the season's other awards shows. Maybe it's because of Nate Silver. Whatever. This year's Academy Awards have the potential to be the most boring in recent memory (and last year was really boring). We'll have to rely on host Seth MacFarlane to keep things lively. Come on, Seth! We're counting on you!

Who's Going to Win an Oscar This Year—and Who Deserves to Win One?

Max Read · 02/23/13 12:33PM

Tomorrow night, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will take the stage to host the 85th Academy Awards. There are a lot of deserving nominees—and just as many, if not more, undeserving ones. Our own Rich Juzwiak will have some pre-Oscar predictions tomorrow (we'll also be here and on Twitter during the red carpet and the ceremony itself), but this is your chance to put yours on the record. Who's going to win? Who should win? Who should've been nominated, but wasn't? (You can find a full list of nominations here.)

The Best Oscars Documentary You've Never Seen: Behind the Scenes With Jack Nicholson, Lily Tomlin and Michael Douglas at the 1976 Academy Awards

Allen Rucker · 02/22/13 06:00PM

The members of TVTV (Top Value Television), the 1970s guerrilla video group I cofounded, were among the first to exploit the then brand-new portable video camera. We took them to big events and turned the cameras away from the spectacle and on to the people; almost no one had seen one before, and there were no rules about how to use them, or act in front of them—not even among Oscar nominees like Mike Douglas, Jack Nicholson and Lily Tomlin, all of whom were captured by the group in 1976 for TVTV Goes the Oscars.

'You Like Me, You Really Like Me!': Watch a Supercut of People, Cartoons and Puppets Botch Sally Field's Famous Oscars Speech

Rich Juzwiak · 02/22/13 03:00PM

"Let the darn thing go, will ya?" said Sally Field said during the manic 20/20 special Mad About the Oscars with Katie Couric. Field was referring to her frequently quoted speech from the 1985 Academy Awards ceremony (where she won her second Oscar for Places in the Heart), and the way it has reverberated through pop culture in the 28 years since she uttered it.

Robert Kessler · 10/01/12 11:53AM

Seth MacFarlane will host the 2013 Academy Awards. Expect to see flashbacks of other Oscars ceremonies.

Louis Peitzman · 08/23/12 08:12PM

Smash producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are doing the Oscars. The music-heavy show will introduce Katharine McPhee.

J. Lo's Oscar Dress: Nipple or Shadow?

Emma Carmichael · 02/26/12 10:37PM

This is up for debate, people: Is this some kind of tape-and-shadow optical illusion, or is this a bona fide nip slip?