A Cloud That Looks Like Abe Lincoln

Hamilton Nolan · 08/03/15 04:25PM

Amateur photographer Linda Pelletier of Suffern, NY has sent us the following image of a cloud formation that bears an uncanny resemblance to Abe Lincoln.

In Wealth, Washington Was a Winner and Lincoln a Loser

Ken Layne · 02/17/14 12:00PM

The presidents we celebrate today were very different men. Abraham Lincoln loved to talk and debate and write and read books and be boring. George Washington was quiet and dignified, never wasting words. Abraham Lincoln led the United States into war over slavery. George Washington actually owned slaves. And in finances—the most important aspect of American life—Abraham Lincoln was a loser, while George Washington was the richest president ever.

Are There Atoms of Abraham Lincoln in My Body Right Now?

Hamilton Nolan · 02/27/13 04:00PM

The time has come for "Hey, Science," our relentlessly scientific weekly feature in which we have your most provocative and/ or dumb scientific questions answered by real live scientists (or related experts). No question is too smart for us to tackle, quite unfortunately. This week, scientists ponder the question: Are there atoms of Abe Lincoln in my body right now??

Rebecca Black Phenomenon to Somehow Get More Annoying

Richard Lawson · 04/14/11 05:10PM

You hoped it was over, but Rebecca Black's moment will go on. Also today: Lincoln finds his wife, Nickelodeon shows both old and new receive some good news, a new ABC show receives some bad news, and Ellen Page is headed to be neurotic in Rome.

Obama As Lincoln Comparison Shows No Sign of Abating

Alex Carnevale · 11/16/08 02:45PM

We understand the insatiable need for the media to compare Obama to Lincoln, we really do. There's no need to rehash the potential similarities all over again, because Newsweek is devoting their cover story this week to doing exactly that. On one hand, comparing a president-elect to a another guy from Illinois who did the job well makes all the sense in the world. And above all else, Lincoln was a good man. On the other hand, there are elements of this comparison that are wildly not suggestive of BO:

'Nobody Has Asked For My Autograph Before. This Is So Exciting!'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/23/08 02:00PM

Click to viewBoomp3.com At an event honoring President Abraham Lincoln, highly respected actress Joan Allen was shocked that somebody wanted her autograph. Allen had always been proud of her work and the positive praise she receives from the community of film critics, but she never thought her work would reach the autograph seeking masses. The Ice Storm actress said, “Some of the critics will ask for my signatures, but this has to be the first time somebody who’ll probably sell it on eBay. Maybe my husband will buy it.” The autograph seeker offered another opinion on the situation. The seeker said, “I was really surprised to see somebody famous at this event. So I asked her to sign the nearest thing I had, my high school yearbook. Don’t know if I’ll sell it though. Estelle Parsons told me to stay sweet.” [Photo Credit: Splash Pics] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.