No, Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Aborted Fetal Body Parts

Ashley Feinberg · 07/14/15 05:15PM

Earlier today, an eight-minute “undercover” video surfaced purporting to show Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services talking about selling the body parts of aborted human fetuses for the non-profit’s financial gain. Which would be shocking, certainly—if any of it were true.

Anti-Abortion Congressman Scott DesJarlais is Still a Massive Fraud

Jordan Sargent · 11/17/12 02:20PM

When we last checked in with Scott DesJarlais, the distinguished U.S. rep from Tennessee's 4th district pictured here with an un-aborted child, he had been recorded in 2000 pressuring his mistress into having an abortion. This was notable because DesJarlais — who was elected back in 2010 thanks to support from an antiquated movement called "the Tea Party" — is virulently anti-choice. Here, he says so on his website:

abalk · 08/23/07 11:40AM

A concerned reader wrote us about our earlier post on Plan B. Apparently, we somehow misidentified the category of babykiller the pill falls under: "Pro-lifers love that the media continually get this wrong! Plan B is emergency contraception, not an abortifacient." Yes, of course! Rather than murdering a defenseless human being, with a beating heart and developed feelings and adorable little fingers and toes, Plan B actually prevents that little miracle of God from fully fertilizing its intended target. Sounds like a lot less fun than the outright destruction of a unique human soul, but, hey, however you pro-death types like to get your kicks is fine with us. Anyway, Gawker regrets the error. And the loss of life.