Abercrombie Model Sues Company For Sending Him On Masturbation Photo Shoot

Leah Beckmann · 06/18/12 03:40PM

Abercrombie & Fitch model Benjamine Bowers is suing the clothing company for one million dollars for referring him to a modeling agent who asked him to get naked and masturbate in front of the camera. The agent told Bowers that it was the only way to achieve "relaxed photos."

You Can't Stop Staring at Abercrombie's Half-Naked Store Openings

Brian Moylan · 12/09/11 04:45PM

I kind of hate everything about Aryan Youth clothier Abercrombie & Fitch from their blandly preppy duds to their lame publicity stunts. But, guess what? There is one stunt that always works: hiring a jillion hot boys to pose shirtless in front of their newest store.

Abercrombie & Fitch Will Pay The Situation to Stop Wearing Its Clothes

Matt Cherette · 08/17/11 03:48AM

Known for hypersexual marketing campaigns with nearly naked teens, clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch is no stranger to controversy—but everyone has to draw the line somewhere. For A&F, that point is Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

Shirtless Male Models Invade Paris

Brian Moylan · 05/13/11 05:09PM

It's Friday afternoon and if you're like me, this is a good time to stare at some shirtless men for no good reason. Yesterday Abercrombie & Fitch dispatched 101 hotties to the Champs Élysées (which is how you say "outdoor mall" in French) to celebrate the opening of its Paris flagship. That's at least 606 individual abdominal muscles! Never before have I ever wanted to be in a place so badly.

Taylor Momsen Tops Lindsay Lohan

Andrew Belonsky · 09/17/09 04:00AM

Lindsay Lohan tried to pull rank on Taylor Momsen — and failed. Megan Fox successfully summed herself up. And Princess Margaret burned Princess Diana. Oh, yeah! It's your Thursday morning Gossip Roundup!

Obama Abercrombie Boys Independently Annoying

Ryan Tate · 04/23/08 11:53PM

Those three distracting guys behind Barack Obama during his concession speech last night may all have been wearing Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts, but they were not part of a marketing campaign for the "edgy"/racist/twattish youth clothing retailer, the company tells USA Today. And while the Obama campaign is obviously guilty of bad crowd control for letting the jumpy "toolboxes" stand in the camera frame, they say they didn't put them there on purpose, or pick out their outfits, or even know who they are. For now, the Obama Abercrombie chuckleheads remain a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma, at least until their viral YouTube video comes out, or they sign some kind of Ritalin endorsement deal. After the jump, TV host Stephen Colbert floats his own dark theory about the A&F incident.

Barack Obama's Abercrombie Boys

Ryan Tate · 04/23/08 12:57AM

This mystery is bugging me: Why were the three young guys behind Barack Obama during his concession speech tonight all wearing Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts? Maybe it's a plot by the Obama campaign to win back the gay community, which has something of a taste for the youth clothing retailer and, especially, its catalogs, but whose vote is basically owned by Hillary Clinton. But gays aren't really a swing vote in the upcoming Indiana or North Carolina primaries, nor in the Democratic party's upcoming battle against Republican nominee John McCain. Perhaps, instead, this is some kind of bizarre attempt at product placement by Abercrombie, trying to latch on to some of Obama's rock-star appeal. Watch the Abercrombie boys shuffle around and holler during Obama's speech in the video after the jump.

Remainders: You Think You Know a Coinslot, But...

Jessica · 05/11/06 06:05PM

• Lindsay Lohan admits to having an asscrack double on Saturday Night Live. Is nothing real anymore? Is nothing sacred? [Defamer]
• You know, we don't get fantasy sports leagues. Dudes check that shit every three minutes, and we don't have the heart to tell them that it's not real. But a fantasy celebrity league? That's about as real as it gets. [ESPN]
• Blogfight, resolved: Michael Malice runs back to Overheard in NY. [NY Overheard]
• Rebecca Traister spends way too much time figuring out why college boys are having erectile dyfunction problems. We have the answer in two words: coke cock. [Broadsheet]
• Abercrombie & Fitch will do just about anything to lure the Gays. [Consumerist]
• Oh, happy day: it's a socialite blog! Meet Melissa C. Morris, who has no problem marrying a man called Chappy. [Melissa C. Morris]
• One in seven of New York's east Asian immigrants is carrying Hepatitis B. Just something to think about when you start flirting with the locals at Winnie's. [NYT]

Benoit Denizet-Lewis Braves the Horror of Abercrombie & Fitch

Jessica · 01/24/06 10:59AM

Hidden beneath a 30-second ad rests one of Salon's most entertaining articles ever: Benoit Denizet-Lewis' profile of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries — a 61-year-old man who bleaches his hair and has a thing for Herb Ritts. The leader of Abercrombie's WASPy gestapo struck us as more than a little weird, so we went to Denizet with some probing questions:

Abercrombie & Fitch Does Not Condone Your Logic

Jessica · 12/19/05 08:45AM

Every once in a great while, Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" photo feature goes deeper than the Upper East Side's continuing fascination with Mukluk boots. Yesteday, he pointed out a subtle wrong in the world: On a day when the temperature hovered around 14 degrees, Abercrombie & Fitch staffers were seen taking their lunch breaks while dutifully wearing their company-mandated flip-flops.