Detox Seizure Might Have Killed Amy Winehouse

Max Read · 09/10/11 01:59PM

Amy Winehouse might have died while trying to get her life in order. Arnold and Maria have an awkward run-in. Miley Cyrus is just "explor[ing] sexuality," and Justin Bieber wants to settle down. Saturday gossip would probably eat bananas dipped in ketchup.

D.C. Fashion, Rachel's New Line, A&F's New Store

cityfile · 05/11/09 07:20PM

• Michelle Obama wore a magenta Michael Kors dress to the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday, in case you were curious. Even more exciting: Donatella Versace penned her first blog post from the event. [WWD, NYM, HuffPo]
• Rachel Zoe has a line of accessories for QVC that will debut this fall. [WWD]
• Carine Roitfeld is not a nymphomaniac, nor does she insist on weighing the staff of French Vogue daily, you'll be relieved to hear. [Fashionologie]
• Abercrombie & Fitch is opening another store on Fifth. The retailer is taking over Hickey Freeman's flagship to open a kids store. [Racked]

DKNY Wall Doomed

cityfile · 02/24/09 12:19PM

The DKNY ad at the corner of Broadway and Houston has been around for years. But it won't be there for much longer. Hollister, which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, is taking over the space and is now planning to kill off the image of Lady Liberty and the Twin Towers—with the help of 15,000 square feet of dark gray paint, no less. Dark days indeed! [Curbed]

Dress Like a Tool For Hope!

Pareene · 04/24/08 03:47PM

Remember those weird meatheaded tools in Abercrombie gear who distracted everyone during Obama's rally in Evansville? Well, now you can be one of them! Sort of! By buying these Obamacrombie shirts, which are not licensed or sanctioned by either Obama or Abercrombie and Fitch so they'll probably be shut down in minutes. [Obamacrombie]