Hamilton Nolan · 08/07/15 09:10AM

Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to end its use of “on-call” scheduling, which forces workers to put their lives on hold and come into work on short notice. Banning this practice would be a good thing for a presidential candidate to promise, and then do.

Remembering Abercrombie's Soft Smut

Hamilton Nolan · 02/15/08 09:45AM

The magalogue: It's back! The combo magazine/ catalogue bastardization never really went away [IHT/ Agenda Inc.], but Abercrombie is relaunching its version, A&F Quarterly, which was originally much appreciated, mostly, by horny teenage girls. The preppy retailer dropped the fake magazine several years ago because of the public outcry over the pictures. Abercrombie still loves unhealthily sexy advertising, but the cover of this year's AFQ (pictured) looks pretty straightforward. But after the jump, a few images from the riskier A&F Quarterlies of old. It's all a matter of taste (in butts).

Virginia Learns To Live With Abercrombie

Hamilton Nolan · 02/04/08 05:32PM

Just two days after citing an Abercrombie store in Virginia Beach for obscenity for their sexy ads, police have dropped the charges. "Police confiscated the ads Saturday, saying they violated the city's obscenity law because some of the models were partially nude. One showed a group of shirtless male models and one has his jeans low enough to show a part of his buttocks... Virginia Beach city code says obscene material must be harmful to juveniles in order to be illegal, and [police chief] Cevera said the display ads 'did not quite rise to that level.'" [WVEC.com]

Alex Kuczynski Does Not Approve of Abercrombie Kids

Jesse · 12/08/05 12:38PM

In this week's Thursday Styles, Alex Kuczynski takes her multimillions and goes shopping at the new Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store on Fifth Avenue. She doesn't much care for it — of course, being 37 years old, she's not supposed to care for it — and she fixates mostly on the fact she found the store too damned loud. But she also took a moment to turn her nose up at the store's famously oversexed shtick: