TV's Fall Haul: Nashville and Arrow

Rich Juzwiak · 10/11/12 04:10PM

For the next few weeks, we'll be evaluating many of the new fall shows as they air. After a quiet week, a few more new shows are trickling in. It seems like the networks are saving the best for last, but unfortunately, Vanessa Williams' 666 Park Avenue already premiered over a week ago.

Taylor Swift Is Surprised That Anyone Would Question Her Surprised Face

Rich Juzwiak · 10/03/12 12:20PM

On Nightline this week, Cynthia McFadden confronted Taylor Swift on her tendency to turn into a slack-jawed yokel when her name is inevitably called at whatever awards show she happens to find herself the belle of. This quirk has been mocked widely (full disclosure: my mocking supercut of her fly-catching turned into a bigger story and ended up being the highlight of my 2010), partially because it seems like put-on false modesty but mostly because whenever it happens, it freakishly appears that her jaw is going to fall right off her head.

TV's Fall Haul: 666 Park Avenue

Rich Juzwiak · 10/01/12 01:35PM

For the next few weeks, we'll be evaluating many of the new fall shows as they air. These shows do not include Elementary, The Neighbors or the hilariously overrated navy soap Last Resort (in which brass stands in for organ, but the melodrama is at perfect daytime pitch) because their blandness reminded us just how tedious it is to spend time thinking about a bunch of new series that are just going to be off the air soon anyway. This one's kind of fun, though.

This Is The Crap ABC Will Be Shoveling Your Way This Fall

Matt Toder · 05/15/12 11:10PM

Upfronts continue! Today ABC unveiled their fall schedule which fit into the general trends of the year: investing in comedies on Tuesday and opening up Fridays for scripted fare. Even though ABC has some big shows, with legit hits Modern Family and Once Upon A Time, the buzzy Revenge, and the still strong Grey's Anatomy, they have a lot of holes to fill and are trotting out seven new shows either in the fall or a little later. Which will be winners? Which will suck worse than Work It? Let's take a gander.

Ashley Judd is Freaking the Fuck Out: ABC's Missing in 30 Seconds

Matt Toder · 03/16/12 02:31PM

Last night was the premiere of ABC's new drama Missing, in which Ashley Judd plays an ex-CIA agent searching for her son in Europe, which should sound familiar because it's also the plot of the Liam Neeson movie Taken. Either way, Judd got to do a lot crying and yelling and telling people that her son is in trouble. (Acting coach: "ASHLEY! ASHLEY! Your son is missing. Look concerned. Bite your lip...harder. HARDER. NOW FUCKING FREAKOUT.") Here's the pilot in 30 seconds.

ABC's GCB in 30 Seconds

Matt Toder · 03/05/12 02:50PM

Last night was the premiere of ABC's new primetime soap GCB. Once called Good Christian Bitches, the show is all Dallas, money, drinking and God. Here's the whole pilot summed up in 30 seconds.

An Unnecessary New Cable News Network Could Be Coming Soon

Hamilton Nolan · 02/07/12 09:59AM

America currently has three major 24-hour cable news networks. The repugnant right wing propaganda one that's actually successful, and the one that's trying to be left wing propaganda that's less successful, and the one that used to be the "real news" one and is now pretty much down for whatever in order to avoid being the least successful.