Tina Brown's Cleavage and Other Terrifying Tales of Media Machinations

John Cook · 05/06/11 02:51PM

In your hijacked Friday media column: Tina Brown has breasts and used to do it, sexually speaking, to Martin Amis; the Washington Post Co. falls from the profit curve; Robin Roberts may or may not be too tall for morning television, and Howard Kurtz once again acquits himself with the dignity and effortless charisma we've come to expect from him.

CBS News Washington Bureau Chief Was an FBI Snitch

John Cook · 04/05/11 02:08PM

The Center for Public Integrity is reporting that an unnamed former ABC News journalist was an FBI informant during and after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, passing along tips and revealing a source. We know who it is.

Corrected: Anonymous Attacks ABC News, Threatens

John Cook · 12/09/10 10:15AM

The Anonymous online movement that has risen up to defend Wikileaks is so outraged about censorship that they hacked into ABC News's web site and spiked a story about Sarah Palin. Makes sense, no? Or not.

Correction: The page we thought was an Anonymous hack replacing Jake Tapper's story, from which this screengrab is taken, was actually a page created by ABC News to show the hack that had been perpetrated on Palin's web site. Our mistake. Here is the Tapper story, safe and sound.

ABC News Chief David Westin Resigns

Max Read · 09/06/10 09:11PM

David Westin is resigning from his position as president of ABC News, which he's held since 1997, apparently because of a "long-running conflict... over the financial standing of the news division." Of course! Want to read his resignation note?