Yahoo launches Tech Ticker ... sort of

Jordan Golson · 02/11/08 04:22PM

In a repeat of last week's failed launch of lifecasting service Yahoo Live, Yahoo's new online finance show Tech Ticker has launched with a broken page. If the millions of users exposed to it could see it — the show is prominently placed throughout the site — they'd learn that it is hosted by BusinessWeek's Sarah Lacy and TheStreet.com veteran Aaron Task, with contributions from the likes of Paul Kedrosky and Silicon Alley Insider's Henry Blodget (interviewed in one of the first episodes). After being down for more than 20 minutes, Tech Ticker seems to be back up ... sort of. The interview with Blodget is viewable on the Tech Ticker website but now the embed code seems to be broken. How much money is this company worth again? If they find an engineer to fix it, here's the clip: