Janice Min Leaves Us Weekly, The Trouble at Conde

cityfile · 07/21/09 11:28AM

Janice Min isn't renewing her contract as editor-in-chief of Jann Wenner's Us Weekly. Her No. 2, Michael Steele, will become acting editor in chief. [NYT]
• Condé Nast announced yesterday that it had retained the management consulting firm McKinsey to "develop new perspectives." They sure have their work cut out for them. Condé revealed today that its monthly mags witnessed a 37 percent drop in advertising in September. [Gawker, AdAge, NYO]
• More pain at Condé may be on the way: "Significant cost cuts, including more layoffs and the closing of more magazines" are coming, says Keith Kelly. [NYP]
• Yet more Condé news: The company is closing down Men.Style.com so it can focus on the soon-to-be relaunched websites of GQ and Details. [AdAge]
• The Boston Globe's largest union voted yesterday to approve the new contract that had been proposed by the New York Times Co. [NYT, E&P]
• This can't be a good sign about the state of affairs at CNN: Time Warner Cable is moving it from channel 10 to 78 and replacing it with FX. [MCN]

USA vs. Aaron Bruns

Owen Thomas · 02/10/09 06:02PM

Note: We're redacting the prosecution's list of the two video files and three images they allegedly found on Bruns' computer because of their highly graphic descriptions of sex acts involving girls they describe in two instances as "under the age of 10," and in two others as "under the age of five."

How the Fox News Producer Got Busted for Child Porn

Owen Thomas · 02/10/09 06:02PM

Gawker has obtained the criminal complaint and arrest warrant filed by federal prosecutors against Fox News producer Aaron Bruns, including the affidavit of the detective who investigated him. Here's how they say it went down.