The A-Team Trailer Leaked, World Sighs

Kirk · 01/08/10 03:25PM

The A-Team's trailer leaked today. It's majestically, powerfully unimpressive. It's got: guns, helicopter shots, car crashes, Jessica Biel, a surprisingly chiseled Bradley Cooper, even planesplosions! Somehow, it fails to excite. Watch and learn how not to make a film.

Tom Cruise Won't Get His Shot At Killing Hitler Until October

mark · 12/17/07 04:15PM

· Bad news for those who were aching with anticipation over Tom Cruise's turn as the cutest little would-be Hitler-killer in all the German army: United Artists and MGM are pushing Valkyrie's release date back from the Fourth of July holiday weekend until October. The official reason cited for the move is the need to find a new location for a pivotal, still-unshot battle scene, not a desire for the skittish studio to get the film as far away from summer blockbuster competition as possible. [Variety]
· Live Free or Die Hard, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Evan Almighty keep their miniscule Oscar hopes alive by making the shortlist for the Academy's visual effects award. [THR]