McDonald's Chief Defends Creepy Mascot

Jeff Neumann · 05/20/11 05:28AM

A day after an ad campaign demanding the resignation of Ronald McDonald appeared in newspapers around the country, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner rushed to the clown's defense, and defended his company's right to peddle toxic food to children, telling a shareholder meeting that "this is about choice."

The Gossip You Missed While You Were on Your Holiday Break

Brian Moylan · 01/04/10 11:11AM

Even though you had the week between Christmas and New Year's off doesn't mean celebs stopped living their lives and the world stopped reporting on it. Here is a catch-up for all you missed while away from the Internet.

Kristen Stewart Thinks Your Vampire Driven Conversation Is Utterly Passe

Foster Kamer · 10/11/09 10:15AM

Kristen Stewart hates talking Twilight as much as I do. Jimmy Kimmel's schtupping his writer, A-Rod's batting better when schtupping Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus sucks at tipping, Jon Gosselin sucks like he did yesterday. Presenting your Sunday Morning Gossip Roundup!

Jon and Kate's Children Officially H8 Them

Foster Kamer · 10/10/09 10:00AM

Jon and Kate Gosselin completely suck at life. Michael Jackson was weird on The Simpsons. Weird! Weirdos will get off on Marge Simpson in Playboy. Carrey Mulligan? Emmy Rossum! Pervy Dr. Phil, many more. Presenting your Saturday Morning Gossip Roundup:

The End of Elizabeth and John Edwards?

Andrew Belonsky · 10/01/09 05:00AM

Elizabeth Edwards may have given up on her marriage. Paris Jackson knows who killed her father. Liz Taylor once tried suicide. And Palin could be trying her hand at beauty. Good morning, sunshine! Here's your Thursday morning gossip roundup!

Gwyneth's Breasts Take Barcelona by Storm!

Andrew Belonsky · 09/09/09 05:00AM

Gwyneth needs a better bra. The gays need not beg to kiss George Clooney. And Megan Fox knows she doesn't need a sex tape. All that and more in your Wednesday morning Gossip Roundup!

DJ AM Report Reveals Sad Fact

Andrew Belonsky · 09/02/09 05:00AM

DJ AM took OxyContin the night he died. Spencer Pratt takes his absurdity to new levels. And Kate Hudson wants to take over A-Rod's apartment. All that and more in your Wednesday Gossip Roundup!

Blake Lively Is Beautiful! Like Llama!

Foster Kamer · 06/07/09 09:30AM

Blake Lively receives the most inspired compliment in the history of the universe, Heidi Pratt is either dying or lying, and A-Rod's showing off his new girlfriend to the team. Presenting your Sunday morning gossip roundup:

A-Rod Settles Dog-Bite Suit

Owen Thomas · 02/10/09 12:16PM

Alex Rodriguez, the baseball slugger who just confessed to taking banned substances, has at least one less legal headache. He's settled a five-year-old dispute with a carpet installer who claims A-Rod's dog bit him.

A-Rod and Kate Hudson's Sexy Fish Date

Richard Lawson · 01/12/09 09:47AM

It's true! The Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, who like teammate Derek Jeter sucks very much, was seen canoodling with actress Kate Hudson at an underground Manhattan fish restaurant.