Shirtless Actors Wrestle Over Underwear

Ryan Tate · 06/13/08 05:08AM

Mario Lopez, right, was a big star on TV's Saved By The Bell and doesn't like sharing the stage with his younger Chorus Line co-star Nick Adams, left. And what Lopez especially doesn't like is when Adams' biceps take the attention away from his bicepts. So Lopez refused to wear a long-sleeved sweater, as called for in the script, preferring instead a tight t-shirt to show off his "guns." And he had Adams outfitted with a baggy hoodie and relegated to the back in the opening dance routine. But now Lopez is finally getting his comeuppance, just as any decent dramatic plotline would dictate. It seems a men's underwear company, once smitten with Lopez, has switched its attention to Nick. Writes Page Six: