Time Whips Out the Ol' Red X For Bin Laden

Seth Abramovitch · 05/03/11 02:15AM

Time magazine may have grown increasingly neutered with their choices for Person of the Year, but when it comes to their Dead Mass-Murderer of the Week covers, forget about it — they're balls to the wall. The issue, on stands this Thursday, gives Osama bin Laden their trademark "Red X" treatment — previously used on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Saddam Hussein, and, most famously, Adolf Hitler. Collect them all!

Zombies and Rollergirls to Make Moviegoing Fun Again

Richard Rushfield · 10/02/09 02:01PM

Maybe we used up all our bile last weekend, but no one is more shocked then we are to find ourselves actually looking forward to the movies this weekend. Maybe we're getting old...It can't be Hollywood's getting better, can it?

Massive Liberal Conspiracy Behind Fake Times

Ryan Tate · 11/12/08 11:06PM

It's true, as we reported this morning, that the the liberal prank group The Yes Men was behind today's spoof left-utopian Times. But there were so many more commie pinkos involved in the plot! The cabal sent out a press release tonight, revealing that their ranks include the Yes Men, protest group Code Pink (which disrupted the Republican National Convention and fought Marine Corps recruiting), Improv Everywhere (they did that tear-jerking little league thing), Anti Advertising Agency (the ad-sticker people) and a few others we're less familiar with. They want to make the headlines come true! So cute. After the jump, read the press release and find out which of their claims is being disputed by the Times.

There's The Right Way, The Wrong Way And The Scarlett J Way

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/04/08 03:25PM

While walking the carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, popular singer/actress Scarlett Johansson bent over when she noticed that someone had dropped a stack of business cards on the ground. The Scoop star bent down in a ladylike manner to pick up the discarded business cards, much to the dismay of the surrounding lensmen hoping to score a gossip blog friendly shot. A group of men ahead of Johansson dropped another set of business cards, but Johansson just stared at cards, shook her head and moved her fingers using the universal sign for "naughty naughty."

Anthony De Rosa · 03/13/08 10:09AM

I was this little girl once. Trying to get back there.

"I love my orange pills"

Nick Denton · 01/03/08 02:58PM

Yesterday's casting call, for users of cognitive enhancers, has produced a winner. W, a 27-year-old with a "big, fancy job" in Manhattan, says she started taking Adderall in college, and never stopped. "Beats the fuck out of coffee," she says. For her not-so-tragic tale, read on.

Charlie Sheen Paid More Than Any Sitcom Actor To Not Make You Laugh

seth · 09/28/06 02:16PM

When happily divorced Charlie Sheen isn't hotly anticipating being on the receiving end of one of his basket-tossed, pigtailed companions, he's hard at work raising American morale with his weekly antics on Two And A Half Men. Realizing that his role of Charlie Harper is one of TV's great, iconic comic creations—forged in the grand tradition of Ralph Kramden or Archie Bunker, just without any discernible character traits, idiosyncracies, or gifts for physical comedy—the show's producers are finally compensating Sheen for his creative contribution by making him the highest paid sitcom actor on television: