Rich Juzwiak · 07/16/13 01:28PM

Mazzy Star will release Seasons Of Your Day, their first album since 1996's Among My Swan, in September. Its first single is "California." This one goes out to all whose lives continue to be so-called.

R.E.M. Has Officially Broken Up

Brian Moylan · 09/21/11 01:03PM

The '90s indie sensation R.E.M., who you haven't thought about since Automatic for the People, has officially broken up. Oh thank God. They had gotten to be like a novelist who lived too long and wrote all these crappy books that sullied the reputation of their sterling early works.

Free Willy Re-cut as a Trailer For a Horror Movie

Whitney Jefferson · 08/19/10 04:25PM

This highly-edited version of Free Willy's trailer makes the film that features the beloved Keiko and Jesse James Richter look like a young child's nightmare. You know, they don't call them killer whales for nothing...

Courtney Love Has Rebranded Herself

Brian Moylan · 04/21/10 12:30PM

Tabloid favorite Courtney Love's band Hole has a new album, and the singer has a new name, since she no longer wants to be referred to by her "oppressive" stage name. What's the new moniker?

Six Things I Found at the Found Footage Festival

Bill Laird · 03/30/10 09:15AM

If I told you there was a wonderful site that had a ridiculous amount of campy old videos from the 80s and 90s just begging for your perusal, you'd probably say "Well of course. That's YouTube. Where have you been?"

Throwback: a 1991 Powermix Dance Party at Scandals

Whitney Jefferson · 03/02/10 03:14PM

Those of us longing for the early 90's again—scrunchies, feathered hair, mullets, and non-stop dance parties—look no further. Here's footage from a Power Mix dance party out of Vestal, NY—at a place called Scandals. Let the music play

The Ridiculousness of "The Last Scene"

Mike Byhoff · 12/18/09 02:46PM

When a sit-com ends, the final character stares blankly at the room where so many memories were once held, sighs fondly, then silently exits. Here is a compilation of those moments. Ahh, the memories.

Blake Lively Is Beautiful! Like Llama!

Foster Kamer · 06/07/09 09:30AM

Blake Lively receives the most inspired compliment in the history of the universe, Heidi Pratt is either dying or lying, and A-Rod's showing off his new girlfriend to the team. Presenting your Sunday morning gossip roundup: