Old Navy Brings Jennie Garth and Luke Perry Together, Finally

Max Read · 08/30/12 10:45AM

Old Navy: it's not just for terribly-made ill-fitting clothing and supremely annoying television ads. It's also for helping bring us all the closure we so desperately need. Yes, two decades after anyone cared, Kelly finally went with Dylan — Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are reportedly dating.

Which Actress Is Loathed by Her Castmates?

Brian Moylan · 02/09/12 10:55AM

This 90210 actress is so nasty all her costars call her mean names behind her back. This Oscar-winner needs rehab, this famous family makes money selling their secrets, and this actor once beat up a paparazzo in a strip club. Nope, it wasn't for calling him names.

Nelly Guest Stars on 90210

Blair Baxter · 02/15/11 04:10PM

On last night's episode of 90210, Navid and Dixon start a new production house in Navids father failed porn studio and convince a music producer to shoot Nelly's new Music Video.

90210 Opens With Four Minutes of Major Characters Making Out

Lisa Gagliardi · 01/25/11 06:30PM

This week's 90210 opened with almost every character making out with someone else. And, of course, at least one participant feels guilty for kissing someone they feel they shouldn't be kissing. Confused? I think that's how they want us.

Joe Jonas Guest Stars on 90210

Kate Shapiro · 11/09/10 10:45AM

Joe Jonas (the one who drove Demi Lovato to hospitalization) guest starred on 90210 last night as Adrianna's fake celebrity date to the big magazine party. Watch as both hot teenage girls and middle-aged men alike swoon at his very presence.

The Great Gay Hunk Mystery Is Finally Solved

Richard Lawson · 08/17/10 04:00PM

It's true. Read no further if you don't want a big, gay hunk mystery spoiled. Also today: Some completely gross Battleship casting, a timely Gossip Girl cameo, and an alien-related war brews in Los Angeles.

The Great Gay Hunk Mystery

Richard Lawson · 07/14/10 03:26PM

A mystery hunk is gay. And he's going to announce it to the world on 90210. Also today: David O. Russell storms off another set, Sela Ward is given a gun and a badge, and Dustin Hoffman's new TV career.

Fictional School Paper Steals Real Logo

Devon Irete · 04/07/10 01:15PM

90210 was chock full of drama: Lesbian drama, baby mama drama, blatant rip off of our logo drama. Look closely in the background and see what is Gawker.TV's color-bar logo being used on The Blaze.

Tonight's 90210 Gave Us Déjà Vu

nightintern · 03/24/10 01:04AM

Did some of the Gawker.TV interns get work at 90210? On tonight's episode, the kids at West Beverly Hills High made some creative editing to a school gossip program. If only cutting up a Heidi Montag interview was this easy...

This Day in History: Brenda Fired From 90210

Anderson Evans · 12/16/09 09:30AM

On December 16, 1993 Shannen Doherty — aka Brenda — is fired from Beverly Hills 90210. God, Brenda, why couldn't you control that fiery temper of yours?

Donna Martin Graduates! And Then Takes it All Off

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 12/08/09 06:05PM

Some consider 90210, airing tonight at 8 on The CW, a fitting sequel to that seminal teen drama, Beverly Hills, 90210. Hustler knew better, and decided to celebrate the original as only they could: with implied-incest porn. [NSFW]