Internet Racists Are Pretending to Be Black Looters in Baltimore

Sam Biddle · 04/30/15 11:40AM

For every human tragedy offline, there will inevitably be a group of dedicated fuckers trying to make it worse using the internet. Today’s example is the #BaltimoreLootCrew, spreading white supremacist bile and misinformation about the Freddie Gray protests.

Reddit Is So Racist White Supremacists Are Using it to Recruit

Sam Biddle · 03/13/15 11:30AM

Racism and general human toxicity have become more than a niche on Reddit: the site has made a name for itself in the larger cyber-bigot community. Racists now look at Reddit as an opportunity—a way to bring fresh hatemongers into the fold.

These Are the Creepy 4Chan Successors Behind Gamergate's Pathetic War

Andy Cush · 10/22/14 08:55AM

Both the amorphous anti-feminist movement Gamergate and last month's extended leak of a huge cache of private celebrity nude photographs—the two biggest internet-based stories in recent memory—have served as coming-out parties for a small set of anonymous, uncensored image boards that function like 4chan's raggedy stepchildren. Who are these new kids, and where did they come from?