The Worst 50 States in America: Day 6

Richard Lawson · 08/25/11 01:59PM

We've arrived at the penultimate installment of our effort to piss off absolutely everyone in the nation, which means we're entering the Top Ten Worst States in this gruesome nation. Will your state be found within? Let's find out.

The Worst 50 States in America: Day 5

Richard Lawson · 08/24/11 01:19PM

Another day, another group of terrible, awful states. Yes we're continuing on deeper into the muck today, bringing you states 17-11. Almost to the top ten! Where will the dump you call home rank?

The Worst 50 States in America: Day 4

Richard Lawson · 08/23/11 02:30PM

Bravely we soldier on, like Dante into Inferno, toward the worst state in the union. We reach the midway point today, folks, so abandon all hope ye who enter.

The Worst 50 States in America: Day 3

Richard Lawson · 08/22/11 01:30PM

We continue today in our journey to the bottom of the state-based cesspool that is America, praising eight more territories for their meager good and shaming them for their overwhelming terribleness.

The Worst 50 States in America

Richard Lawson · 08/18/11 01:20PM

America! Who likes it? It's merely a schizophrenic jumble of 50 warring personalities all vying to be number one. But of course they can't all be. So which state is the best? And more importantly, which one is worst? Well, we've set out to determine just that. Welcome to the Worst States in America.