Class Action Lawsuit Claims 50 Shades of Grey Lube Failed to Perform

Hudson Hongo · 02/08/15 01:30PM

Have you or someone you know been spanked, whipped or otherwise dominated by the deceptive marketing of 50 Shades of Grey-branded sex lube? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses, should one California woman's new lawsuit be successful.

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 09/02/13 12:20PM

Casting roundup: Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim, Sons of Anarchy) will star opposite Dakota Johnson (21 Jump Street) in the film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Also, Benedict Cumberbatch will most likely have a role in the new Star Wars.

A.J. Daulerio · 07/30/12 05:57PM

Panel of authors and sexperts declare 50 Shades of Grey a "piece of shit."

Meet Actress Becca Battoe, the Voice Behind the 50 Shades of Grey Audiobook

Leah Beckmann · 07/20/12 11:00AM

It takes a special, sultry someone to read aloud E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey. With all those "holy crap's!" and "Later, baby's," Anastasia's Steele's inner goddess requires a very specific kind of reading. (Hence the trending Twitter topic, #best/worst50ShadesAudioBookNarrator. For example, Stephen Hawking and Betty White.)

50 Shades of Grey Is Making E.L. James Even More Money Than You Thought

Leah Beckmann · 06/28/12 04:13PM

50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James—Snowqueens Icedragon to her fans—is purportedly making an estimated $1.34 million a week off her quaint little country romance novel. Having sold 20 million copies and counting, the trilogy is calmly and methodically shattering every previous sales record in the world.

Oh, Jeez, Mitch Albom Is All Hot and Bothered by 50 Shades of Grey

Max Read · 06/26/12 05:48PM

Rich liar Mitch Albom, once described by H.P. Lovecraft as "a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings," has written a column about 50 Shades of Grey. Reading it is like coming across a big shotgun next to a tiny barrel with an enormous, beautiful fish inside, only the fish has already hung itself from a tiny noose.