Ayo Technology

Max Read · 01/10/11 12:35AM

[This is 50 Cent leaving a bathroom at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas. If you have to ask why, you'll never understand America. Image via Getty]

Former Cocaine Dealer Still Moving Snow

Maureen O'Connor · 12/27/10 04:09PM

[Famous rappers cannot resist the obligatory "shoveling snow" picture that your dad takes every year. 50 Cent tweets, "I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody ill make a grand moving snow today. Lol." Via @50Cent]

Gecko Taking His Damn Time Crossing the Road

Christopher Han · 12/26/10 02:30PM

Thought parrots and cockatiels were the only animals known to get down? Meet the slowly-crossing-the-road gecko. He does not care that it's your birthday.

Bristol Palin Is Going to College, and Other Christmas Miracles

Adrian Chen · 12/25/10 11:15AM

Is Bristol headed for the classroom? The woman who claimed Lindsay Lohan assaulted her is now the one in trouble. A bunch of celebrities are in nice places for the holidays. Let's open this stuffed stocking of a Gossip Roundup.

Lindsay Lohan 'Assault Victim' Makes $10,000 and Loses Her Job

Maureen O'Connor · 12/22/10 11:21AM

The Betty Ford Clinic staffer who said Lindsay attacked her sells her story and gets fired. Katy Perry does "magic tricks" in bed. Heidi Montag shows plastic surgery scars. Justin Bieber pines for facial hair. Wednesday gossip gets rich quick.

Grandma Reads 50 Cent's Tweets

Christopher Han · 12/20/10 01:48PM

Happy holidays! Here's your grandmother reading 50 Cent's tweets by the fireplace. You know, the really pleasant ones. Nice touch with the custom-made twitter book.