Everything We Know About the Alleged Celeb Nude "Trading Ring" and Leak

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/01/14 08:05PM

Over the last 24 hours, one portion of what's purportedly a huge, months-old cache of private celebrity nude photographs—the product of an "underground celeb n00d-trading ring," according to one anonymous 4chan poster—was leaked to anonymous image boards like AnonIB and 4chan.

Taylor Swift “Biggest Fan” Contest Canceled After “Creepy” Man Wins

Caity Weaver · 07/23/13 06:10PM

The sterling reputation of America's oldest and most mystical tradition—the radio station contest—was forever tarnished this week, when Boston's Kiss FM pulled the plug on its "Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan" contest after Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan was revealed to be a 39-year-old man named Charles.

The Virginia Mall Shooting Was Announced in Advance on 4chan

Max Read · 04/12/13 03:34PM

Minutes before an unidentified gunman opened fire at a Virginia mall on Friday afternoon, a user of the 4chan message boards seemingly announced his plans to undertake a mass shooting, providing exact details of the location and timing of the coming spree.

This Is Not Christian Bale

Neetzan Zimmerman · 03/14/13 09:00AM

A Redditor who claims to have grabbed this photo from 4chan's fashion boards (/fa/) swears this is definitely not Christian Bale but just some dude who dressed up as Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho for Halloween.

What Is 9gag and Why Is It Being Blamed for the Colorado Shooting?

Adrian Chen · 07/20/12 09:57AM

As people cast about for some explanation for the horrific shooting in Aurora, Colo., rumors have spread on Twitter and other social networks that the meme-swapping message board 9gag was somehow responsible, and that the 24-year-old suspect James Holmes had posted about his plan to shoot up a theater yesterday. They're almost certainly false.

4chan's Moment Is Over Even Though It's More Popular Than Ever

Adrian Chen · 07/12/12 03:36PM

At the internet culture conference ROFLCON in May, the assembled geek digerati were asked during one panel if they were readers of 4chan, the legendary butthole of the internet. A bare smattering of hands went up in the MIT lecture hall.