Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/16 03:20PM


Limp Bizkit's Secret 4/20 Show This Evening, 4/20, at Sunoco Station on Wayne Ave in Dayton, Ohio, Explained

Ashley Feinberg · 04/20/16 03:20PM

It’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility that Limp Bizkit, a screaming band of white working man messiahs, would put on a show at a random gas station as a 4/20 gag. Unfortunately for thousands of confused internet users, though, Limp Bizkit will not be playing at the Sunoco Station in Dayton, Ohio this evening. Unless that’s what they want you to think.

Here's a Map of the NYC Parks Where You Might Get Narced for Smoking Weed

Andy Cush · 04/20/16 12:20PM

After a false start and a spell of glum weather, New York is finally starting to feel springlike this week—just in time for 4/20. If you’re the type who likes to celebrate the day, and who likes to do it outdoors rather than in the safety of your living room, take heed before you smoke weed.

Uruguay Opens First State-Owned and Operated Weed Dispensary

Muna Mire · 04/18/16 09:16PM

Uruguay is set to pioneer the world’s first state owned and operated marijuana dispensaries, The Guardian reports. Starting in July, Uruguayans—who enjoy a socially liberal government—can now legally access up to forty grams of pot a month, at a cost of no more than $1 a gram. To do this, all the government requires is that users put their name and fingerprints in a government database.

Chill Alert: You Can Fly With Your Weed in Oregon Now

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/09/15 10:30AM

They said it didn’t exist but Oregon’s got it: a chill airport that just wants you to do you, man. You want to leave your weed at home? That’s cool, dude. You want to take it on the airplane? That’s cool, too. Whatever you’re feeling, man. Whatever you’re feeling.

Dayna Evans · 03/19/15 02:00PM

Hopes & Fears has a fun look at possession of a gram of weed in places from New York City to Hong Kong, and the punishments that come with getting caught with that weed on you. Worth a read if you're thinking of buying drugs somewhere in the world.

Pa. Farmer Finds 150 Pot Plants Growing In His Corn Field

Dayna Evans · 06/07/14 08:50AM

A farmer in western Pennsylvania found 150 marijuana plants growing right alongside corn on his farm, police say. The farmer won't be charged because investigators are saying he didn't plant them himself.