Holes in the iPhone's Killer Restaurant-Recommendation App

Sheila · 07/16/08 02:46PM

Quelle horror! NYT restaurant critic Frank Bruni has a friend with an iPhone 3G—with its Urbanspoon application—and he's all ready to eat! Problem is, the restaurant-recommending app is proving to be spotty at best—like a bored, difficult concierge. What did it advise for our office's block—Elizabeth Street below Houston?

The real secret of Steve Jobs's success

Owen Thomas · 07/03/08 03:40PM

Everyone likes to talk up Apple's innovative design. It's a much more attractive story than the real reason why Apple has come to dominate first the MP3 player market, and soon, the smartphone market: Ruthless haggling with suppliers to lock up crucial components, shutting out rivals. Apple is buying 50 million 8-gigabyte memory chips from Samsung — the kind used in its entry-level iPhone 3G — and Samsung is cutting off other customers as a result of tight supplies. [DigiTimes]

3G iPhones will choke wireless networks, as any EVDO user will tell you

Jackson West · 06/09/08 02:40PM

One of the reasons that 3G data networks are so fast, especially here in the United States, is that relatively few people use them. However, go to a technology conference where the density of EVDO users reaches a critical mass and suddenly those zippy downloads begin to slow. A room full of iPhone owners frustrated by slowdowns over AT&T's network isn't the customer experience I think Steve Jobs was imagining. [GigaOm]

Apple contractor Foxconn promises 3G iPhone by June, 25 million total

Jackson West · 04/28/08 12:20PM

Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn will manufacture and ship the first batch of new, faster 3G-network enabled iPhones by June, according to reports from Taipei, Taiwan. 3 million should ship that month, and an estimated 25 million over the life of the product. Foxconn is the sole manufacturer of the current generation of iPhones. But it has also been known to break Chinese labor laws — not that such practices would stop your typical antiwar environmentalist here in the Bay Area from upgrading. After all, that Yes, We Can video will download so much faster from YouTube now! (Photo by AP/Jason DeCrow)