The Colbert Report Goes 3D

Elaine Moran · 04/06/10 10:11AM

After the recent rash of 3D film releases, Stephen Colbert has decided that 3D programming is the way of the future. Here's his seizure-inducing attempt at giving his show some depth.

What Should We Call Movies That Aren't in 3D?

Brian Moylan · 04/02/10 04:38PM

Clash of the Titans is finally open! But friends and reviewers told me that the 3D version is a rip off. But what about the "regular" version? Well, I might check it out if it had a better name.

Next 3-D Movie Extravaganza: The Bible

Maureen O'Connor · 03/09/10 12:51AM

It'll be so real, you'll want to reach out the touch Jesus' stigmata. Posthumous John Hughes movie makes the rounds; Miss America's still homeless but Miss USA's safe; Hurt Locker's banned director gives speech. Your daily update on show business.

Creatures from the Third Dimension

Brian Moylan · 03/01/10 06:48PM

[Participants at the CeBit exhibition, the giant high-tech fair underway in Germany, remake a classic shot of a theater filled with bespectacled patrons. Image via Getty]

Picasso’s Guernica in 3D

Richard Blakeley · 11/30/09 03:33PM

In 1937 fascists devastated the town of Guernica with aerial bombings executed by the Nazi Luftwaffe. Picasso's painting Guernica was his reaction the tragedy. The painting has now been made into a 3D video.

A History of the Theater Gimmicks Meant to Save Hollywood

Richard Rushfield · 11/06/09 04:26PM

You may not have known you wanted it, but now you're going to get it. 3D redux is here with its biggest tentpole to date, Disney's $180 million Christmas Carol, followed shortly after by the release of James Cameron's Avatar.

Death Comes for Shrek: The Musical

Richard Rushfield · 10/22/09 12:27PM

Some goodbyes go on for a very long time. But the day does come when the train pulls out of the station. Live singing Shrek, memory-erased Eliza Dushku and Michael Jackson, it's time to take your seats.

Hollywood Goes to the 3D Circus

Richard Rushfield · 09/02/09 06:16PM

There's nothing Hollywood likes more than a new toy; Smell-O-Vision, the casting couch, Pauly Shore. In their day they've all been played with to death by the dream factory. And now, they've got hands on another treat — Digital 3D.

James Cameron Attempts To Explain The 'Avatar' Science Behind Blowing Your Freaking Minds

Seth Abramovitch · 08/07/08 01:00PM

James Cameron's upcoming feature Avatar exists not merely to bring a motion-captured Michelle Rodriguez to a wider audience than ever before, but—if we are to believe what he tells us—to singlehandedly revolutionize the way we make, see, and even perceive of the movies. THR braved an interview with the director, who's too busy playing with his new toys to worry about losing his top-grossing-movie title to some gravel-voiced bat-creep. (Besides—by the time Avatar rolls around, the sweeping social revolution that accompanies it will render old notions of currency and spending completely obsolete. We'll be ranking the weekend box office in levels of Braincell Conversion Osmosis, or some other inconceivable economic unit of measurement.) But we digress; let's let Cameron describe some of the really-complicated-sounding rabbits he's got stuffed in his wizard hat:

Neil Gaiman's First Movie That Doesn't Suck

Nick Douglas · 02/21/08 05:00PM

If you only know Neil Gaiman through his movies, you might think he's a hack. His script for Beowulf was overwrought; the film version of his novella Stardust was far sappier than the original. So thank god that Coraline, Gaiman's children's book, looks like such a fantastic film. Here's the teaser, and a clip from the film. Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick has made some beautiful characters. The movie will be in 3D, which worked well for the animated worlds of Beowulf and Nightmare with only the occasional spear-pointing-out-at-you gimmick.